With meditation you can boost emotional intelligence and reduce stress at workplace

Meditation is said to have many benefits with prime among them being able to reduce stress. Now a new study has found that meditation not only reduces stress, but it also helps improve emotional intelligence.

A new study has found that those who meditated more regularly scored higher on total emotional quotient and had lower perceived stress, also known as psychological stress – the most common occupational health problems affecting workers worldwide. People who meditated regularly also show improved general mood, stress management, adaptability, intrapersonal awareness and reality testing.

According to scientists, these findings indicate that emotional intelligence has a moderating effect on psychological well-being and mental health.

The team found that during a four-month period, those practicing the transcendental meditation — a form of silent mantra meditation — experienced significant improvements in emotional intelligence and perceived stress, as compared with controls. The research highlighted the role of emotional intelligence and perceived stress as important factors associated with mental and physical health and organisational effectiveness.

According to the World Health Organization, psychological stress adversely affects organisational commitment, work engagement, and productivity, as well as contributes to poor mental and physical health. Emotional intelligence has garnered considerable attention in the workplace because of its positive association with mental and physical health and its connection to leadership capacity and performance.

James Anderson

Having developed startups for the better part of the last decade, James now covers healthcare stories with a business slant. Email: james@askhealthnews.com

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