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Can losing weight permanently be a dream come true?

People all over the world born with higher tendencies of putting on weight dream about keeping any of it lost at bay permanently. Even people with healthy weights start freaking out on the mere thought of gaining any extra kilograms.

Hence, the use of fat burning medications or going on severe crash diets and maintaining portion control has been the trend which it will never disappear. But so far none of the techniques used have ever been reported to put an end to weight gain for good.

There is a saying, you gain some and you lose some which seem true in this case. Both go hand in hand.  The fun part is getting to eat everything while still burning the calories.

After many years of studies on the science of obesity, it has been concluded that it’s nearly impossible to lose weight permanently. It is a disturbing truth which brings a sense of hopelessness for those who are desperately trying.

There is only a small minority of people lucky enough to be experiencing long term weight loss and gives hope that losing weight ultimately is actually possible. Although such stories keep the myth alive, these people have good chances that they would have gained weight in the past.

Treatment of Obesity

Experts also suggest that obesity should be treated as a chronic disease. Treatment for diseases like depression, auto-immune diseases, alcoholism may take days, months or even years depending upon the factors which lead to such illnesses. Such diseases may go into remission by the use of medications and effective behavioral changes but have a huge chance of reappearing in the form of flare –ups.

Likewise, once a person loses weight and finally comes under the ideal body mass index either by the use of diet drugs, diet plans or fat reduction surgeries, chances are rare that the weight loss will be permanent. If obesity is considered chronic, the direction of its cure can be based on long term basis by avoiding the consumption of high caloric food content and by consistent workout sessions.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Even though most scientists know that there is no technique which works as a permanent relief for the dreaded weight gain but there are reasons as to why they don’t usually say so.

Firstly, it is such a harsh message to put forth and its results can be quite stigmatizing. Secondly, the health experts fear that people might put a full stop to all efforts of eating a healthy nutritious diet and working out on a regular basis- a behavior that is crucial for staying health in the long run.

The key to being healthy is doing all the right stuff consistently without worrying about the number on the weighing scale because at the end being healthy and petite should be the only goal. The remaining pieces on the puzzle might just fit in.

Thin is not always good

Just to prove these points a little further, we have these reality shows running on different television channels in which participants have to go through an exhausting routine including aggressive workout sessions. Some may have gone drastic weight loss on the show but they have also confessed to having gained weight more rapidly after being aired on the program.

This has something to do with their metabolisms which do not seem to be getting along with their reduced weight taking into consideration what they have been eating and how much they have been exercising after the reality show. Moreover, there could be health consequences where frequent weight gain and loss can lead to irreversible metabolic damage which obviously can lead to gaining back weight.

Although such programs are not the ultimate solution to a permanent weight loss, they remain popular amongst the masses due to the advertising campaigns which only bring people’s attention to successful weight loss stories leaving out the fact that they are only a minority and most of them have a relapse.

The before and after stories and images showing the once obese man or woman turning into a thin, attractive and perfectly shaped figure might look very appealing to the eye but in reality, it doesn’t seem to work in the long run.

People also tend to defy the fact that dieting aggressively and depriving the body of the essential nutritional needs doesn’t really play a role in losing weight. Their belief in popular diets  and the mere thought  of  their dream body doesn’t let them think straight when they fail and they take the blame on themselves for lacking will power rather than questioning that whether these diets actually work consistently.

The human body needs a rebalancing of the diet in order to maintain a healthy weight along with a healthy workout rather than depriving it of the basic nutrition. A well balanced diet includes proteins, vitamins and minerals, fats and carbohydrates in the right amounts. Leaving anything out of the equation leaves it unbalanced.

Why surgery should be avoided?

Surgery is an easy option out for getting rid of the fat but it includes fairly expensive procedures like liposuction and bariatric surgery which come with their own share of side effects. The bariatric surgical procedure triggers weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold as a result of which the food cannot be absorbed by the body in healthy amounts.

Even though the surgery might induce weight loss in extremely obese people and improve their quality of life but most of the patients tend to remain obese after the surgery as well. This particular surgery can lead to hormonal changes in the body, weight gain or failure to lose weight along with other serious side effects.

You reap what you sow

What we have forgotten is the fundamental reason of being which is that our body is basically a biological machine which works as we want it to work.

Consuming all that is unhealthy and piling it all up on the body in the form of fat without thinking about the results, looking for a miracle in terms of a diet to lose it and finally losing hope to do so is like a vicious cycle which will never end. The key lies in the fact that prevention is a cure.

If you don’t pile it up in the first place and maintain a healthy weight throughout then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting into all this mess.

So, is there really anyway to keep the weight loss permanent or is it just a distant dream? Well, this myth needs to be flushed out and people should be encouraged to maintain their weight within a healthy margin if the ‘thin is always good’ or the ‘thinner the better’ perception is discarded and the focus is built on healthy eating and exercising, a much better lifestyle can be produced.

This concept will lift up the spirits of obese people and boost their confidence as well. After all, one should accept the way their body is, not the way the world wants it to be and remain healthy. It’s much better to accept it this way rather than beating about the bush!  Weight management should be the goal because a permanent solution doesn’t really exist.








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