What Causes Right Temple Pain

Headaches can vary from dull to sharp intense pains around your head. They can also occur in different areas like at the back of your neck, right or left temples, around the eye region, a base of the skull, jawline, or at the right or left side of your scalp. There are several factors that contribute to pain in such areas and cause headaches.

Most people usually complain about pain in their temples or around their eyes. People feel pressure in their temples which may be caused by muscle tension and stress. This squeezing feeling in your temples can also be caused by straining your eyes for a long period in front of a screen or by clenching your teeth too hard. This creates tension in your muscles and turns into a tension headache which is the most common type of headache.

Types of Headaches

Headaches can be classified into different types depending on the symptoms and the affected areas.

Tension Headaches

These are the most commonly reported kind of headache. The pain experienced in a tension headache is often dull or squeezing pain. They usually occur on both sides, right and left but can sometimes occur on only one side of the head. Shoulders and neck region may also be affected in tension headaches.


A more severe and pulsating pain on either one side or both sides of your head is called migraine headache. The symptoms also include light and sound sensitivity.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches occur on only one side of the head with intense pain. They can also affect shoulders, neck, eyes, and face on the affected side.


Temples are the flat area between the ear and the forehead on both sides. People also experience a squeezing feeling and pressure in their temples. Sometimes it can occur on both sides or on either one of them.

Causes for Pain in Right Temple

Pressure or pain on only the right side or the right temple may be the result of stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, strained neck muscles, weather changes, an infection or an allergy. Some of the reasons why you have pain in your right temple may include:

Sinus Infection

Infections and allergies are usually the main culprits of causing headaches. The sinus points on the right side may be inflamed and cause sinus infections. If you have sinus issues, this may be the cause of the pain you feel on your right temple.

Ear Conditions

Ear infections may be another reason for pain in the temples. They need to be checked out and treated by a doctor. Ear problems may also cause lightheadedness along with headaches.

Neurological Issues

Pain on only one side can also be linked to various brain issues. One-sided pains may be the symptoms related to more serious problems. Possible neurological issues associated with pain in temples are:

  • Occipital neuralgia

This condition is caused when the occipital nerves from the top of the spinal cord attached to the scalp is inflamed or damaged.

  • Temporal arteritis

Your right side temple pain can also be caused by inflamed head and neck arteries. This condition also causes muscle pain, jaw pain, fatigue, and severe headaches.

  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Problems with the trigeminal nerve which is present at the base of the brain may also cause intense chronic pain on one side. This disruption affects the face as well and can cause severe pain.


More severe cases of such one-sided headaches can be tumors. Even if the tumor is benign, it causes a lot of pain. There might also be a brain aneurysm causing your pain. Head traumas are also a major cause of pain on only one side of the head and should always be taken seriously.






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