Interesting Facts about Different Colored Poop

The color, shape, and texture of stool may vary. The different colors may indicate health issues and problems going on in your system. Most people do not notice their poop a lot, but different in color or texture than usual can tell you more. The different colors of poop range from yellow, green, light brown, dark brown, red or pale. The shapes also differ small pebble-shaped, lose, floating or thin stool.

Change in your regular poop color or even texture is not something alarming until it is accompanied with other symptoms as well. The color may change depending on the bowel movements, food that you eat or drink. Stool can be of many shades of brown as well, but if you pass stool regularly without any discomfort or pain or any other symptom then it is not something to fuss about.

Different Shades of Stool

Yellow Stool

If the color of your poop is yellow it may be just because you have been eating more foods that are yellow in color or have artificial yellow coloring. Foods like carrots, turmeric or sweet potatoes might color your poop yellow. If you have not been eating any such food and your poop is yellow in color then it may be a sign of an intestinal infection.

Intestinal infection also causes diarrhea, stomach ache, and fever. An infection called giardiasis also causes yellow poop. Sometimes a person may have yellow poop because there is an excess amount of fat in the stool. The excess amount of fat in the stool is because of certain disorders that affect the liver, pancreas or gallbladder.

Green stool

Green stool is uncommon and can indicate something out of the norm. If there is no evident factor which gives it a green color. If you haven’t included a large amount of dark-colored leafy vegetables like spinach or kale in your diet then having green colored stool is unusual.

Otherwise, if the texture is normal and you do not have any other complaints and you have been eating foods that are green in large portions then it is nothing to worry about. Purple, blue and green food coloring may also turn stool into a green. Taking iron supplements, having a condition in which the intestinal activity is increased or in certain months during pregnancy the color of feces might turn green in color.

Dark brown stool

A dark brown or black colored stool may be because of certain dietary supplements, foods or certain medications. Your stool may become black or very dark brown in color if you are taking iron supplements, activated charcoal supplements, black colored foods such as Oreo cookies, blueberries, licorice or blackberries, or bismuth subsalicylate.

Constipation can also cause dark brown poop. Health conditions like gastritis or duodenal, gastric ulcers, Mallory-Weiss tear, esophageal varices cause black stool. If you regularly have black stool without any explanation then it is recommended to visit a doctor to detect the underlying condition.

Red stool

Poop can also be bright red if you have been eating beets, tomato soup, cranberries or anything that has red food coloring in it such as frostings, candies, licorice, ice pops etc. The color might change due to this factor but if there is blood in your stool which makes your stool red then the intensity of the color might help you detect where the blood is coming from.

Dark red color might mean that the source of bleeding in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract like a stomach or esophagus. If the blood is bright red in color then something from the lower gastrointestinal tract might be bleeding like the rectum or large intestine. Issues like hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, or colon cancer cause bleeding from the large intestine or rectum.

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