Clogged Ears: Causes and Treatment

Ears are a very sensitive part of the body. They have small parts and bones inside which are extremely fragile. Therefore it is not recommended to clean ears with pointy objects of even cotton swabs. Cotton swabs push the ear wax further in the ears which might create other problems.

Ears should be treated very carefully because it contains extremely sensitive parts and even a slight damage can result in a serious issue. Ears can get clogged due to the changes in the pressure.

The Eustachian tubes that connect the back of the nose and the middle ear becomes obstructed. The sinuses that are on either side of the nose and ears are connected inside the skull. A congested nose and sinuses can also cause blocked ears. Just like stuffy nose, people might also feel pressure in the ears when they are clogged.

Causes of Clogged Ears

Both adults and children as well may experience blocked ears. Clogged ears can occur due to several reasons. You can feel that your ears are blocked because of sinus infections or any allergies. Cold and flu might also cause the tubes to fill up with fluid causing them to clog.

If there is water in your ear which gets into the tubes or ear infections may be another reason for clogged ears. People also feel as if their ears are blocked if too much ear wax builds up in the tubes. Another common reason for plugged ears is the change in altitude when you go at a higher altitude in an airplane.

A solution for Clogged Ears

Clogged ears create discomfort and make you feel uneasy. There are multiple ways you can treat the condition and relief the pressure in the ears. There are certain medications and remedies that you can try at home as well to unplug ears. Try any of these following methods to ease this condition.


Yawning or swallowing may help clear the obstruction in the Eustachian tubes. This will help drain any water or fluid in the tubes. Chewing gum can also help relieve pressure and normalize the ears.

Popping ears

Another method also known as Valsalva maneuver, it involves unplugging ears by taking a deep breath and blowing out while holding your nose and keeping your mouth shut. This will create a popping sound in your ears. This technique allows clearing the Eustachian tubes. This method is also helpful if your ears are blocked due to pressure changes.


Nasal sprays can also be used for relief. They are available over the counter which can also be used to ease sinus blockage. Nasal sprays or decongestant tablets should not be taken for more than three days, because they can cause blocked ears and congested nose more often.

Oil drops

Dripping any oil like olive oil or baby oil can help relieve a clogged ear. Drops of warm (not hot) oil in the ear can be used twice or thrice in a day. Keep your head tilted at a position that most of the oil goes inside the ear.

Ear drops

There are certain ear drops available on local pharmacies that can help unclog ears.

Ear irrigation

If the ear blocked condition is due to ear wax buildup then ear irrigation might help relieve it. Softening ear wax and then flushing it out through irrigation can help solve the problem.

Warm compression

Taking a hot shower or placing a warm towel over the ear can help relieve the ear canal. When using a warm towel, let it say over your ear for at least five to ten minutes for effective results.

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