Painful Stool Pass: Causes and Home Treatment

What are the good things that instantly make you feel happier and lighter on daily basis? Have you ever given this a thought? Pooping is one of the things that will give you a good feel but what if something goes wrong and it gets painful. You should never hesitate and discuss with a gastroenterologist if it hurts when you poop.

Although the most common reason for the difficulty in passing stool is when you suffer from constipation. This can happen once in a while with everyone and is not a big concern as it will get better with a balanced diet and more water intake.

However, the other reasons resulting in painful poop are related to health issues which must be treated with proper medication.

Why does it Hurt While Pooping?

While there may be several reasons for discomfort in passing stool, some causes are very common.


Hemorrhoids – A Hemorrhoid is a vein that dilates in the rectum and it can internal or external. Reasons for acquiring hemorrhoids may be because of pregnancy or weight gain factors as they both exert pressure on the vein causing it to dilate.

The internal hemorrhoids are not known to cause pain but they may cause bleeding. The external hemorrhoids are extremely painful as they occur on the outside of anus and itch badly.

However hemorrhoids do not pose any danger for health, they should be treated with a fiber-rich diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

Fissures – These are tears on the skin of anus which are very painful as the skin is really sensitive there. Fissures can result because of various reasons but the important thing is to notice and then treat it as soon as possible.

Difficult in passing stool or having pain after bowel movements is a sign of having fissures. The best way to prevent fissures is to include more fibers in your diet.

Constipation – This is the most commonly talked about topic when it comes to difficulty passing poop. Although this may not be something to worry about if it is happening once in a while, it should only be addressed if it happens more than often.

Dehydration is the reason for constipation and this can hurt as there isn’t enough volume or water content to let it pass out smoothly. The strain is put on the pelvic muscles while we try to poop which then becomes painful if the stool is still not passed.

Proctisis – This is the reason for inflamed rectum area which again causes painful stools as they’re harder to pass. This condition may be treated with anti inflammatory medicines often combined with antibiotics if there is also an infection.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – This is a condition in which excessive diarrhea is experienced causing inflammation and the constant flow makes the anus irritable. A gastroenterologist can better examine and treat such a condition as the bowel syndrome gets irritable.

Endometriosis – This is an extremely painful condition to suffer from as the uterine cavity gets affected during the menstrual cycle. This may lead to bleeding and pain.

So, the next time it hurts when you poop think of all the conditions and relate your symptoms to understand why is it happening. Visit a doctor to examine the condition for proper treatment.

Hurting poop is not a normal condition as nature has actually made this natural process to make you lighter. Constipation should not be a cause of worry as three motions per week is normal although ideally, you should have it once every day.

There are a number of remedies to prevent these conditions including diet and water intake. Water is an evergreen remedy that can help ail many conditions and you should make use of it. Drink at least 12 glass of water every day and take fiber in your diet to prevent digestive issues.

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