Tender Breasts: Causes and Solution

Women experience hormonal fluctuations throughout their menstrual cycle which may cause several other symptoms. The three phases are known as follicular, ovulation, and luteal phase make different hormones peak causing emotional and physical changes.

Women are prone to mood swings and hormones are thought to be the culprit most of the times. Tender breasts are also one symptom of changes occurring in the body in certain phases.

Hormonal Changes in Women

Women may notice specific changes in certain phases of their cycle which indicate which hormones are on their peak. The three main hormones to cause sudden fluctuations in a woman’s menstrual cycle are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

Estrogen is a female hormone which women have in abundance as compared to men though they have it too. Estrogen levels peak in the follicular phase towards the end when ovulation is about to occur.

Also, testosterone will peak around ovulation to increase sex drive. Testosterone is a male hormone which causes hair growth and increased libido which is why men are made like that. Women have some testosterone to balance their libido although too much may cause trouble.

What Causes Tender Breasts?

Now comes progesterone which is very important for sustaining a pregnancy. Progesterone levels increase after ovulation so as to prepare the body for a possible pregnancy. If an egg does not implant, periods are meant to come which again drops the progesterone levels back to normal. The rise in progesterone causes various symptoms including sore or tender breasts.

Progesterone levels are likely to increase if pregnancy occurs as so women continue to have all symptoms associated with it. Women will often get rid of the tender breast after the period is over because of the decline in progesterone levels. The milk glands tend to swell when women suffer from tender breasts which is why they become painful.

The ovulation phase can be followed by tender breasts up to periods as the progesterone levels need to be sustained until when there is a chance of occurring pregnancy.

Overall, tender breast is not a major concern as you may wear a comfortable bra if it hurts too much. Nothing much can be done other than waiting for the progesterone levels to come back to normal.

However, you will likely have to suffer a bit longer if you fall pregnant. Both the hormones estrogen and progesterone cause tender or sore nipples which will tend to get normal after they are back within the normal range.

How to deal with Tender Breast?

Tender breast may get painful if the soreness gets worse. Women are advised to wear comfortable clothing when they notice these changes as tender breast usually take some time to go away.

A comfortable bra may help a great deal by supporting breast and not causing them to hurt. While some women will look for such signs when they are trying anxiously to conceive. Such signs may indicate that pregnancy is likely to occur in the following days as it takes time to know the real answer to it.

Hormones don’t feel tricky anymore if you get to understand different phases of the cycle. Women can most often be prepared for what’s coming next as the signs are usually the same in each cycle. Leg pain during periods, dizziness, headaches are all symptoms of the hormonal changes occurring in women.

Over the counter medicines can be useful in treating some of the symptoms although not all of them are treatable. Tender breasts are meant to get back to normal when hormones return to normal. Women should embrace the changes in every phase as this is part of nature and nature will get you through it.

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