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Women usually have no control over their period as it becomes inconsistent and irregular if affected by various factors. Periods come and go each month and they may feel to be troublesome and inconvenient at times. Many times, women need their periods to come earlier to plan a trip or occasion later easily. There are several tried and effective methods that can help to bring periods sooner.

It is always recommended to check for possible pregnancy chances before trying to induce a period as a miscarriage is never easy to deal with. Check several times if you’re pregnant or not and then only try various techniques to help yourself get a period.

Every cycle is unique which may differ from time to time but there are few foolproof methods that can work to induce periods earlier too. There are several effective home remedies and techniques that may help jumpstart the period right away but again this will not work each time.

A change in normal routine or environment may alter your menstrual cycle as the hormones fluctuate frequently to adapt the changing conditions. However, stress is never a good factor to cause hormonal changes as it disrupts the cycle badly. A regular sleep pattern is also necessary for having a regular cycle as the body needs to work like a time clock whose daily patterns are not disturbed.

Can Home Remedies Work to Bring Periods Earlier?

You must have heard aunts discussing many home remedies to bring periods as they are effective. There is no harm in trying out those first when you really want a cycle sooner than usual as they will have no side effects. In fact, the remedies will help you a great deal without putting much effort into it.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have a stimulating effect on the blood flow which can make your period come sooner. Mild teas such as ginger, parsley, rosemary, sage, and yarrow teas will help to rush blood to pelvis and uterus which will cause induced periods. However, it is recommended to take at least 2 to 4 cups of tea to work in that case.

An herbalist can better guide you on the dose as overdosing can also be harmful to your body. Any herbs bought should be from a reliable source to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Herbal Tea for periods

Drink Tropical Juices

Oranges and papayas both have properties of inducing a period as these are known for inducing heat in the body. Oranges contain Vitamin C which can trigger a period whereas papayas heat up the body to raise its temperature which thereby brings up a period.

The daily recommended Vitamin C intake is 60 mg which will do no harm in case you don’t want a period sooner.

However eating fruits like kiwi, tomatoes, broccoli, leafy greens, and papayas will work for inducing a period. Note that papayas are also strictly prohibited for pregnant women as it may cause miscarriage.

Vitamin C foods

Take a Warm Bath

Warm baths can help your abdominal muscles relax and stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area from the uterus. Applying a warm compress over your stomach can help you get a period and also relieve PMS symptoms.

Hot water is a relaxant which helps to relieve emotional and physical stress and therefore it is good if taken from time to time. You may use essential oils to help you relax depending on your choice.

Also, a massage will help you relax and improve blood circulation.

Relaxation Methods

Stress is known to cause various problems for periods as they may delay them or interfere with the hormones. The two hormones known for regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle are estrogen and progesterone. Cortisol or adrenaline can alter the production of these female hormones causing a delay in periods.

Look up for methods that can help you relax and release your tension as this will have positive effects for regulating the cycle. Individuals may find different methods effective for them so it is wise to choose what suits you the best.

Have Sex

Sexual intercourse is known to trigger periods as semen causes the cervix to soften and dilate. A woman’s orgasm is also known to cause uterine contractions which may help pull the menstrual blood down. Having sex regularly has also been known for its relaxing effects as orgasm releases happy hormones.

Today’s Parent


Although it is always recommended to indulge in exercises if you want good health, athletes need to reduce their physical activity if irregularity in periods is observed. Intense exercise may decrease the female hormones called estrogen which may stop periods altogether.

Black Cohosh

This is a herbal supplement that can help in getting periods as it tones the uterus to promotes menstrual blood flow. Although black cohosh is not recommended for people taking blood pressure medications as it may interact adversely with them. Women having liver issues should also drop the idea of taking black cohosh in any case.


Sage is one of the herbs known to be effective for inducing periods. A tea infusion made with sage will help you regulate your cycles too. Just drink it up every morning and evening.


This is a natural ingredient that has period inducing properties as well. The cinnamon spice should be infused in water and drunk every morning and evening.


This soothing herb is known for its various beneficial properties including period regularization. Drinking up strong chamomile tea thrice a day will help you with your period soon.

Cumin Seeds and Carom Seeds

Both the seeds have period inducing properties because they heat up the body to raise the temperature.


Dates also have healing properties which may induce periods sooner. Dates are often restricted in the first three months of pregnancy for reducing the risks of miscarriage. Eating dates all day can help you make your periods come earlier conveniently especially if you’re fond of dates.


Pineapple is also one of the fruits strictly prohibited during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage. It has properties that may induce a period.

However, anything consumed in moderation won’t cause harm but still care should be taken. Taking this fact into consideration suggests that it can be a good option if you really want a period sooner.


It is believed that aspirin may help in getting a period sooner or if it is delayed. Crushing 2 aspirin tablets in half a cup of water with added sugar and honey will be enough to induce a period right away.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of this remedy as it is just based on trial methods. Aspirin is from the category of blood thinning drugs which may help to treat lighter periods although its effectiveness for inducing periods is not much reliable.

Birth Control Pills

Some of the effective methods have been discussed below to bring on your period on time. Some conventional medicines are known to manipulate the menstrual cycle which includes birth control pills. However, such pills should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor as the doses differ for every condition.

Although home remedies and some conventional medicines may not harm the body if used once a while, you should take care and avoid any excessive use of these.

A menstrual cycle takes its time to complete all three phases and brings the flow on time.

However, ovulation should occur in most of the cycles which bring the flow on time, doctor’s consultation is necessary if there is something wrong observed. The home remedies may be tried once in a while if you are already having regular cycles but they should definitely try in case you are having problems with an irregular cycle.


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