Cannabis Drug Testing Methods: How Long Does THC Stay in Body?

Cannabis Drug Testing is the methodology used for detecting the presence of cannabis in blood, urine, hair and even nails. Although a valid testing method may consume a lot of time, it is still done for the determining the legality of cannabis and its products.

Cannabinoids are mostly fat soluble thus having a long half-life which takes longer for the elimination of toxins from the body. The THC molecule is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, which is often responsible for the ‘high’ effect. It can be detected in urine from 3 days up to 10 days. However, people taking heavy doses may show up THC in their body for up to 3 months.

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What are Testing Methods for Cannabis?

Various methods are used for testing the presence of cannabis in human body if illegality is concerned. Although the levels detectable vary according to the dose taken by the user, there are defined cut-off values of Marijuana which will show up in different tests when exceeded.

Hair is the part of human body which is known to contain traces of marijuana for the longest period of time but it is usually not a part of routine testing methods. The daily users show up marijuana in their tests until several months from lasting consumption.

Urine Testing

Marijuana is detectable in human body for up to 5 days if the user infrequently takes the product. Whereas, heavy users will show up marijuana in their body for up to 15 days exceeding to 30 days in case of chronic users. Every individual is different and therefore Marijuana exits the body at different rates depending on the frequency of use and dose.

THC is a compound found in Marijuana which can only be detected for up to 24 hours in oral fluid. However, most urine results will show up positive results for the presence of THC when the user exceeds the cut-off value of 50 ng/ml Marijuana.

Blood Testing

Therapeutic drugs are detectable in exact levels through blood testing as some cases have reported detectable levels of marijuana in the body after 25 days. However, chronic users will have varying results as their body has excess levels of the drug remains which may take even longer to be eliminated. It is also known that marijuana can be detected in the blood after seconds of inhaling it which is the reason why smokers pass on the risk to people nearby.

Saliva Testing

Marijuana can also be detected in the saliva for 1 to 3 days for occasional users whereas chronic users will show up the weed until 29 days.

Hair Testing

Hair follicles can contain traces of Marijuana for up to 90 days which is the longest time. Since hair takes longer to grow, 1.5 inch hair segment can contain detectable weed as it is closer to the scalp.

How Long Does THC take To Metabolize?

THC is the active substance in Marijuana weed which enters the body and gets absorbed readily into the bloodstream. THC can be stored in some organs like kidneys and fatty tissues which can then be broken down by the liver. THC has more than 80 metabolites which are looked upon by the drug testing methods although their excretion from the human body in urine and stool may take some time depending on the use.

What are the Factors to Affect How Long THC Will Stay in the Body?

Several factors may account for the weed to stay longer in the human body including age, gender, and body mass index. The factor that the body metabolizes the metabolites takes some processing time mainly depending on the frequency of Marijuana intake. Also, weed that is more potent and higher in THC content will take longer to leave the body as it takes time to metabolize.

CBD contains minimal quantity of THC which makes up for its short half life since THC is harder to metabolize.

Exercising and eating healthy are the remedies that can help you metabolize the weed faster. However, staying hydrated is also essential as water helps the toxin waste to leave the body faster. Moreover, weed detox remedies are available online to help you excrete Marijuana faster from the system.

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