How Many Squats per day Should you Do?

Squatting is a good exercise for toning the buttocks. Squats are also helpful to improve balance and mobility as a part of strength building. There’s no magic number when it comes to how many squats should you do per day. Beginners should take an easy start and gradually increase the number according to what they are capable of achieving. It’s all a game of determination and strength of course.

Squat Variations to Try as Workout

Squat variations can be added to the workout routine to make them more interesting.

Basic Squat

Basic squats can engage the largest muscles and provide aesthetic benefits for the body. Squats are mainly purposed to achieve around and firmer butt shape. However, they will do much more than just around butt in terms of building strength and endurance.

Curtsy Squat

These are sideways squats which will give you a fancy feeling altogether. Try adding dumbbells in each hand to burn even more calories.

Split Squat

These squats are similar to lunges in which you will split one leg at a time.

Goblet Squat

These squats were introduced for people having trouble in squatting. These will require dumbbells as a part of squatting.

How Many Squats to do Per Day?

The ideal number of squats to do each day should be around 15 to 20. You may repeat the squatting two to three times a week according to your strength. Going beyond your limits is difficult as you will end up exhausting and damaging your muscles. Most beginners will find it impossible to do 50 squats a day and it is never recommended to do so.

The bodybuilding society advises that squatting should only be done in its correct form. It is recommended to lift up your chest and look forward after each squat which will complete one set. It is also said that every individual is different and will respond differently to each exercise.

Same goes for squatting and it will never be wise to compare your strength and endurance to what the other person can do. Our bodies respond very differently to each other and it only depends on how determined we are to achieve our targets.

squats benefits
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What are the Benefits of Squatting?

  • Squatting may be used as part of the exercise regime for various purposes. It can be used for attaining a smaller butt as well as a bigger butt. How unusual is that? It just depends on how much you do it.
  • Squatting is a good way to build up muscle as it tones legs, abdominal muscles, and lower back all at once.
  • Squats are known to improve flexibility as your body maintains balance and becomes elastic. Regular squats will help you maintain good flexibility.
  • Squats are also known to strengthen the lungs and heart as they work for strengthening the heart muscles.
  • Squats will also prevent injuries as a result of strengthened muscles and improved flexibility.

Practice Will Make Squats Perfect

Try to practice squatting every day to get perfection. Your body will need some time to build strength and balance itself. Do not do many squats a day as beginners usually fail to do so. Gradually increase the number to have good and long-lasting effects on the body. You may also end up damaging your bones and muscles if you go beyond your limits.

Start with 15 to 20 squats per day as there is no specific number to define what is perfect. Decide what works best for you and do according to your endurance as you will gain stamina as you keep doing it. Just remember! How many squats per day is just a question to remind you to have to squat whereas it depends on you when it comes to how much. Regularity is the key to success.

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