Best Exercises for a Toned Butt


Problem areas can be really frustrating for people if they want to reduce weight. The glutes and thighs are the areas that need of hard work for spot reduction as exercise usually tones up the entire body. The right workout program can be helpful in targeting the problematic areas resulting in a firmer shaped body.

Steps to Choose a Healthy Workout Program

A workout plan should opt carefully so as to suit your needs. High-intensity exercises are not meant for everybody and should not be done without the supervision of a fitness expert. It is better to consult a doctor before starting an exercise regime if you are planning to follow a long term plan as the body condition needs to be thoroughly evaluated. A doctor may help you plan an exercise routine based on your fitness requirements.

It is advised to indulge in cardiovascular exercises as they help tone up muscles and build stamina. Running, jogging, skipping a rope are excellent options if you are a starter and want to lose weight gradually by toning your body.

Follow the cardiovascular exercise routine for 5 days of the week giving two days of rest to your body so it may heal. This will also help you reenergize and build stamina for the upcoming weak.

squats for smaller butt

Try to vary your exercises as the body needs change and will work better with a new and effective exercise routine. The glutes need hard work to lose fat from target areas which need to be firmed through specific exercises.

Perform the strength training exercises at least two or three times a week so as to achieve better and faster results. Repeating sets of exercises will decide how fast you are going to achieve your target.

Variation of exercises under a professional trainer’s guidance can be of great help. It is also necessary to look for your daily calorie consumption so that the exercise regime can be effective enough to burn fat.

Exercises to Lose Stubborn Fat

The calorie burning exercises can be included in your regime to speed up fat loss. Combine cardio workouts with strength training workouts to get the butt you want. Also, keep your eating habits healthy by following a balanced diet.

Some of the cardio workouts include stepping up the stairs, hiking, rock climbing, high-intensity interval training at the gym, and yoga exercises. While these may not seem to be effective, they are all perfect cardio workouts to warm up.

Step up to the Stairs

Try to skip the escalators and elevators whenever possible as it is better to take the stairs and burn some calories instead. Stairs climbing has several benefits for women’s health and fitness. A Study showed that women climbing stairs once a day for five times a week showed noticeable improvement in stamina after the first month. They were able to climb stairs 5 times each day for five days of the week in the 7th and 8th week.


Hiking is almost similar to stairs climbing as it burns the same calories. Every step taken at your adventure is a step towards a smaller butt so it is up to you to choose what way you want to lose it. Adventures are fun and it is easier to indulge in a physical activity that way. Try to opt for hilly climbs so that you have them as part of your trip.

Rock Climbing

Rick climbing is known to burn twice the calories of stairs climbing although it may also be harder. Indoor gyms that have climbing facilities are safer to opt for as you will learn how to climb rocks safely there. You may also benefit learning problem-solving skills as you figure out which way to choose.

High-Intensity Interval Training

A fast-paced workout will always show rapid results and a few minutes can have a great impact on your fitness. However, you may gradually increase the minutes to burn even more calories. A butt targeted workout has to include specific exercises such as crunches, pushups, planks, and dips.

Yoga Exercise

Power yoga is another way to improve flexibility making the body toned.


Squats are also one of the effective exercises to include in your workout regime. It specifically targets the butt area as the muscles get firm. You may also hold dumbbells in order to intensify your workout. Learn more about the variations of Squats and how you should do them.

Chair Pose

Sitting usually worsens the butt problem as the muscles rest on something to sit on and do not work to support themselves. It is better not to have anything to sit on which is the chair pose of yoga practice. Sweep your arms in front of you making yourself lower to the ground as you sit on a chair in the air.


Lunges are very effective for the rear part as the muscles their workout for fat burn. Although it may seem simple, it takes a lot of stamina to repeat sets of this exercise. Also, dumbbells may be added to intensify lunges and achieve your targets sooner.

Side Stepping

Sidestepping is helpful for those having a pear-shaped rear. The sides will be focused as you step sideways repeatedly. You may also add dumbbells here to increase the fat burn.


This is kicking back while you lay on the floor on your fours. This is very effective for rear toning and reducing your butt like all the muscles in that particular area are targeted during the kicking part. You may take intervals after one set and repeat the other set after a few minutes or the other day as you may need time to get into practice.

Bottom Line

The study suggests that adults should indulge in 150 minutes of moderate level physical exercise so as to keep their body moving in some of the other ways. However, aerobics exercise can be intensified for different levels which can be very effective for calorie burning process. 75 minutes of the harder level exercise is enough to strengthen muscles while losing fat.

Cardio workouts are meant to increase the heart rate so that the body gets a warm-up before the strength training exercises. Rock climbing, fast-paced yoga, and high-intensity interval training make up for both type of workouts as the body warms up and strengthens muscles both at the same time.

Burning calories through intensified exercises is harder than the usual cardio workouts but the results are faster and worth the hard work put in. It’s up to you to choose how you want to tone your muscles and get in a firmer shape.

Moreover, avoid eating junk foods as they will only make your problem worse adding up fat to the problematic areas.

Avoid sitting for long periods as this will make the butt muscles idol and harder to be toned later. Add healthy foods to your diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat which will help you burn calories more easily.

Don’t ever starve while you are on the exercise regime as this will only harm your body and you will lose energy instead of calories.

Choose your exercise regime wisely as it will make you lose fat more easily and this can be done with the help of fitness expert who may guide you well about the exercises that will suit you best.

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