Dr. Husel took 27 Lives by giving Significantly-excessive Doses of Pain Medication

Recently, the Mount Carmel Health System has accepted publicly that between 2015 and 2018 one of its doctors has made at least 27 patients who were nearly on their death bed administered “significantly-excessive and potentially fatal” doses of pain medication. According to the statement of health system’s top executive, Dr. William Husel, an intensive-care doctor has been fired from his job as well as the information regarding this secret investigation has been shared with the authorities.

The statement was passed after the case was securely filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court in 2017. This lawsuit was against the health system, the nurse, the doctor, and the pharmacist due to the death of a 79-year-old Grove City woman at Mount Carmel West hospital after allegedly giving a fatal dose of a strong opioid fentanyl drug.

According to Ed Lamb, the president and CEO of the Columbus- based health system, families of all these dead-end patients had requested the hospital management to stop the life-saving measures but the dose of painkiller given to them exceeded the amount prescribed by the order to support and give them comfort. Yet still, the health system has not revealed that what has might convince the employees to use an excessive dose of drugs.

As per the statement, “The actions instigated by this doctor were unacceptable and inconsistent with the values and practices of Mount Carmel, regardless of the reasons the actions were taken. We take responsibility for the fact that the processes in place were not sufficient to prevent these actions from happening. We’re doing everything to understand how this happened and what we need to do to ensure it never happens again.”

Investigation on Husel

Dr. William Husel
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According to the Mount Carmel executives, they have made 20 employees leave including Hussel, the pharmacists who were involved in this illegal act and the nurses who served the medications to patients. As per the latest news and health system, only one doctor was involved in this all act.

The lawsuit publicly talks about the people involved to health system; these people included Husel aged 43 of Liberty Township outside Dublin; a pharmacist Talon Schroyer, 31, of the Marysville area; and a nurse Tyler Rudman, aged 32, of Grove City. The news reporters failed to reach Husel and Rudman both while on the other hand, Schroyer refused to share his views about the conspiracy. In the record there was no public personal phone number for Husel as well as other phone numbers listed on behalf of him also ignored the calls.

In a statement, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said that both the health systems, Trinity health system and Mount Carmel health system have already contacted his office and related authorities in December to know about the “conduct by a medical employee.” Further investigation is still on its way.

O’Brien and his team refused to answer the questions before the investigation is completed. He said: “This office met with doctors, executives and attorneys for the hospital and been in contact with other law enforcement and state regulatory agencies. Mt. Carmel and Trinity Health systems have been fully cooperative and responsive to lawful requests for additional information and documents.”

Attorney Gerald Leeseberg, a team member of Columbus law firm said: “She was an old woman with some health issues. That’s really not in dispute. The problem is, somebody or some people in the medical field appear to have made a unilateral decision about terminating her life or hastening her death.”

Janet Kavanaugh Died Due to Over Dosage of Fentanyl

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Leeseberg helped the estate of Janet Kavanaugh by filing the complaint on behalf of them; he was transferred to attain the facilities of the hospital from the assisted living facilities after having a severe chronic condition. Lawyer Gerry Leeseberg said: “On balance, it’s hard to believe the former occurred rather than the latter. … This is not just a simple situation of an error.”

Leeseberg has contacted the families of other patients and has come up with the point of patients having different scenarios. He has promised for filing additional lawsuits. According to the executives of the health system, their secret investigation proves that these series of events began in 2015 and the most recent one has taken place in November 2018. All patients who were targeted in this conspiracy have died except one who is under care at Mount Carmel West in Franklinton.

Lamb reported that the executives came to know about the Husel illegal acts through an employee in October 2018. As per Lamb, the initial step for reporting was totally based on “zero harm”. The operation began 18 months ago, this persuaded people to come and speak boldly about their rights. He said: “The fact that there may be other patients, up to 26 other patients, really calls in to question whether the culture of safety and reporting that they are shooting for, whether there’s more work that needs to be done.”

The executive vice president for Trinity health, Mr. Dan Roth explained that The Husel investigation instigated a number of changes. The most prominent ones include increased standards of education and improvements in end-of-life care practices and setting of a maximum dosage regarding painkillers for electronic medical-record systems.

It is notable that Mr. Roth also serves as the chief clinical officer for Trinity health; he added that approval is made mandatory from the clinical leadership if there is any deviation regarding it. Trinity Health is a Catholic health care system and Mount Carmel is a member of it.

According to the lawsuit, on 11 December 2017, Kavanaugh was administered with 1,000 mg of fentanyl through an IV. He died within 18 minutes of administration as an opioid is a much powerful drug than morphine. Dr. Steven Bird, a Massachusetts doctor mastered in emergency medicine and toxicology, filed a case in which it was stated that according to Leeseberg, Kavanaugh’s body was supplied with an inappropriate as well as an excessive amount of fentanyl.


The lawsuit blames Mount Carmel for being so careless about the supervision and allowing Husel to carry out his misdoings. The health system has decided to make the investigation public on Wednesday after having a conversation with patients’ families and employees. The health system has contacted Kavanaugh’s daughter and has been informed about her mother who was also being given an excessive dose of fentanyl. On Monday she was again contacted and was informed about the other patients too.

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