Birth Control Methods – All You Need to Know!

Women often opt for birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Birth controls enter the body with synthetic hormones to cause various changes. Stopping birth control pills will bring the body back to normal after a few weeks to months varying from woman to woman.

What are Birth Control pills?

Birth control pills are taken for various reasons. The most common reason being preventing pregnancy has been used by most women in their reproductive ages. The pills are taken to decide if and when you want pregnancy, however, the hormones may not return as soon as you have thought them to. The body may take some time getting normal for some women while it may get back on track within a few weeks for other women.

How do Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills work by stopping you from ovulating which eventually results in no pregnancy. Although even birth controls can become ineffective in some cases and pregnancy occurs. This may only happen when the body has released an egg and implanted in successfully even after taking birth controls. There are other methods for birth control such as using contraceptives which are not as reliable as birth control pills. Birth control pills are known to be the most reliable method used worldwide to stop pregnancy.

Birth control pills also thicken your cervical mucus so that it becomes unfriendly for the sperm to get through it. As the birth control pills are not foolproof, 8 in every 100 women are reported to fall pregnant even after taking them.

How Long Does Birth Control Stay in your System?

There are a lot of misconceptions that birth control pills will stay for months in your system as the body takes around 3 months to get back to normal. This is not true for all women as every woman differs from the other. Birth control pills may act differently for different women as their bodies respond to the synthetic hormones in its own way.

It is usually advised for women to wait until 1 normal menstrual period before trying to conceive. This will help the doctor date your pregnancy from the last menstrual date and possible ovulation time. Generally, women are known to have ovulation within 2 or 4 weeks of stopping the pill which means it starts to leave your body soon after stopping the pills.

When to Worry About Not Getting Period?

Birth control pills should leave the body in a maximum of three months and so it is recommended to have a pregnancy test done if you do not have one in this period. It is better to consult a doctor if you notice unusual changes in your periods or if you have not had them after six months of stopping the pills.

Other Factors to Consider

Fertility depends on various factors like how fertile you were before using birth control pills. Having regular cycles before birth control methods may suggest that your body will return back to its normal state sooner. However, irregular periods will not show immediate recovery of cycles in most cases. Age also plays its role in having predicted cycles as you tend towards the menopause factor. The body does not have normal cycles in late 30’s as it used to respond earlier. So you should keep all such factors in your mind.

What are Other Birth Control Methods?

Apart from birth control pills, women choose various methods depending in how convenient is that particular method for them. Mostly women are afraid of having side effects from birth control pills as they alter hormones and the whole system for the period you take them.

What is the Ratio of Birth Control Users?

Women tend to opt for birth control pills most of the times as it is most accurate and reliable method of all. The ratio of users using different methods is mentioned below.

Birth Control Pills : 72-94%
Condoms / Barrier Method : 91%
Progesterone : 70-95%
Natural Family Planning : 92%
IUD Users : 71-92%

Side Effects of Birth Control Methods

There are side effects of anything that is unnatural and alters the chemistry of human body. The system make take time to adjust to the changes made and respond back in different ways for different people. Taking the side effects into consideration, birth control pills are avoided by women thinking if the body will return to its normal state after stopping it. Also, the body can show side effects while using the birth control pills which can cause some discomfort. Women choose the most convenient way of preventing pregnancy depending on what they can bear.

Breast tenderness
Decreased libido
Missed periods
Intermittent spotting

Different Birth Control Methods

However it is better to drop the idea of taking birth control pills if you are doubtful about the side effects and after effects. The side effects may include having nausea, delayed ovulation for few months or permanent menstrual irregularities. Therefore, it is better to opt for the natural family planning methods as they will not interfere with your system in any way. Its just the game of timing which only goes wrong in some cases which may also happen with the pills.

There are over 20 methods to prevent pregnancy depending on the need. Some of the methods are discussed below to let you have a better understanding about them.

Natural Family Planning/Abstinence

Abstinence is not engaging in any sort of physical engagement or intercourse to be more specific. This will ensure that pregnancy does not occur as there is no contact. This can be done around the time of ovulation which is also known as the fertile window. Birth control apps are available for monitoring the fertility window easily. You may download one for yourself just in case.


A porous material is inserted into the vagina to avoid sperms getting into the cervix. This is an effective way of covering up the cervix which is the pathway for sperms to fertilize the egg.

Birth Control Patch

A birth control patch is applied to the skin to produce hormones which prevent pregnancy from occurring. It has similar properties to that of vaginal ring and birth control pills.

Vaginal Ring

This ring is inserted into the vagina once a month for three weeks to stay inside and stop pregnancy from occurring.

Birth Control Shot

This comes as an injection which is available on prescription only. This can prevent pregnancy for up to 3 months after application.

Birth Control Implant

This method works for up to 3 years and produces hormones in the body like other methods. This implant os performed underneath the upper arm’s skin.


A female condom is a pouch placed inside the vagina to reduce pregnancy chances. Condoms for men are also available for this purpose which is a common practice worldwide.

Cervical Cap

This is a small cup placed deep inside the vagina to prevent pregnancy.


This is a permanent birth control solution for men and can be done through surgical procedure.

Pull-Out Method

This is done by withdrawing penis just before ejaculation which will prevent sperms from going inside eventually resulting in no pregnancy.


The intrauterine device is placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy for as long as you want to. It is only temporary and can be removed at any time. This method is very effective and gives long term results.

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