Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms – Signs that You’re Not Pregnant

Hormones can often be misinterpreted because of the fluctuations occurring in different cycles. Women may also think they are pregnant when they are actually not which means there may be signs only.

This usually happens when women are trying to conceive and hope that pregnancy must have occurred that month. This may make you feel pregnant as psychologically you want it to happen. There are signs that you are not pregnant which are difficult to notice especially when you are trying to conceive as you want everything to be your way.

Confusion arises when you get a negative pregnancy test although there were pregnancy symptoms to make you feel that you are pregnant. Such symptoms are known as imaginary pregnancy symptoms which are not uncommon although it is not a technical term.

The two week wait is often a haunting period for women as they get anxious to know whether they gor pregnant or not. It is possible when you over think and assume your every symptom to be a side effect of the pregnancy hormones.

What are The Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Early pregnancy is the time when many women assume imaginary pregnancy symptoms to be real. However, it does not take longer to know if the symptoms were only an imagination. Different stages of pregnancy have different symptoms to show. The early symptoms of pregnancy are tender breasts, fatigue, bloating, emotional sensitivity, food cravings, and light cramping.

Although all the pregnancy symptoms are those women are most likely to have around the time of period, they will assume them to be associated with pregnancy if they anxiously want to fall pregnant. So, you see it’s all in the brain. But you should never lose hope as hope brings light to life.

Progesterone Effects on the Body

Progesterone is the main pregnancy hormone that rises as soon as ovulation takes place. This hormone will again decrease if the egg is not fertilized which means the levels remain high until your period arises. Pregnancy will make this hormone increase continuously so as to sustain pregnancy successfully. The potential embryo is supported by these pregnancy hormones that are meant to bring a new life. Is the progesterone level remain high, women are likely to experience fatigue and emotions.

Progesterone is the hormone responsible for tender breasts and constipation which are all pregnancy related symptoms.

Fertility Drugs Impacts on the Body

The fertility drugs have the same impact on the body as early pregnancy. The drugs cause the hormones to shift and cause various side effects that can be mistaken as the pregnancy symptoms. Progesterone injections and suppositories are the main types which are known to cause such effects on the body.

What About Women’s Intuition About Pregnancy?

The stories about feeling pregnant before testing are not uncommon although most of them are based on intuition. However, it should be noted that such intuitions can go wrong any time even if they were right at certain times and it is nothing to be disheartened about.

Such tales come from women come more than often that they came to know about their pregnancy just because they felt so. Or even a single cramp made them feel that they got pregnant. Such symptoms can be a sign of pregnancy and periods both at the same time. You can never be sure until you get a positive test or you reach more weeks.

Reasons for a Negative Pregnancy Test

The feeling of pregnancy is different for every woman and even for each time they fall pregnant. So, it all depends on luck as get to know the real answer. Although the tests rarely get false results as they are designed to be accurate in most of the cases. Still, some of the reasons why women might get a negative pregnancy test result are mentioned below.
The test was done too early in the cycle. Women should wait until at least the day of missed period.

The hCG hormone is not sufficient enough in the body to be detected. So, it is better to do the test early in the morning when your urine is concentrated or go for the blood test for more accurate results.

Something is wrong with pregnancy which may be you have the fertilization taken place at the wrong place which is not giving a positive test.

Or simply that you are not pregnant.
You have a period. This usually means there was no pregnancy or it was miscarried earlier than you would get a positive result. This may happen because it was not healthy and would not be successful later on and so does nature takes the role of miscarrying it naturally.

Symptoms of Having a Period

Menstrual cycles are meant to cause fluctuations in hormones as the reproductive cycle progresses along. Many symptoms for period are same for the pregnancy too. So it is not uncommon to feel pregnancy around the time of your period unless there is an issue to be addressed. Also, look for symptoms that are unusual as an unusual period means that there is something within the body.

Symptoms with Spotting

Spotting can be misinterpreted as a period but it may be actually a sign of implantation or a threatened miscarriage. It is advised to call your doctor as soon as you suspect a problem as it may save you from any harm. A threatened miscarriage can be saved if early care is taken.

However, even an extremely light period which is confused with spotting should be ruled out for the causes. Women have these changes going on within the body each month and it is nothing to worry about if you experience something unusual in any month.

Not Feeling Pregnant?

This is extremely common for the first time going to be moms as they don’t have an idea about what pregnancy is going to be like. Also, many women feel worried if they are not having any symptoms of pregnancy.

However, not having the troublesome pregnancy symptoms is lucky enough as you get to enjoy the time. It is completely normal not to have any discomfort or morning sickness in the entire pregnancy period while having them in other pregnancies. The body is just unpredictable in many ways and pregnancy is just one of them. Just wait and see what has to come next.

Should I worry About Disappearing Pregnancy Symptoms?

Certainly not! Pregnancy symptoms come and go every other day as there are fluctuations of hormones. There is nothing to worry about unless there is extreme pain in the abdominal area or vaginal bleeding. Although the chances of miscarriage drop dramatically after 3 months of pregnancy, there is still a very little chance of having it if something goes wrong.

History of miscarriage plays a role in having greater chances of disappearing pregnancy symptoms all of a sudden. It is better to play safe if you are prone to having it and consult a doctor as soon as you notice something wrong.

A normal pregnancy may not have problems throughout the period but this cannot be said for sure. So, it is better to have a talk with a doctor if you notice anything unusual and worried about not having any pregnancy symptoms at all.

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