Study Approves Pure Gold Collagen as an Anti-aging Supplement

With age, most of us face skin problems like increased dryness and wrinkled formation due change in metabolic processes of skin cells. In order to solve this issue, a nutritional supplement, Pure Gold Collagen birth took place. The researchers are now eager to investigate its effect on the skin.

The usage of 50 ml of these supplements for consecutive 60 days resulted in reduced wrinkles, dryness, and depth of smile lines. Furthermore, the usage of the Gold collagen made participants skin tight with increasing collagen density. This study clearly shows that Gold collagen can prove to be helpful in the fighting of age-related symptoms. These supplements are composed of hyaluronic acid, minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and vitamins.

Briefing About the Study

The main objective of the study was to examine the effects of Gold collagen on the aged skin. This study is mainly based on three arms. In arm 1, 217 people were selected by the 40 dermatologists from Greece, USA, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and the Czech Republic.

Arm 2 comprised of 13 subjects whereas arm 3 make up 70 volunteers. That is in total there were 294 participants. Before carrying out the study, the researchers asked the participants to fill the consent form which included a medical history and their origin.

People who were found to be allergic to any of the ingredient of the supplement or were on pregnancy on breastfeeding phase were excluded from the study. The subjects were asked to continue with their normal skin care routine including any other nutritional supplement or topical creams. However, they were strictly advised to avoid the usage of new kinds of topical creams or supplements.

None of the participants reported any side effect during the daily intake of Pure Gold Collagen proving it to be safe.

Arm 1: Observational Assessment of Skin Condition

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For this arm, only those people were included who had undergone a one or more cosmetic procedure including facial plastic surgery, chemical peel, thermage treatments, and fractional laser resurfacing. These 217 people were asked to take the pills for 60 consecutive days.

The outcome was evaluated on the basis of comparison of the wrinkles, extent of photo-damage, and level of hydration with the baseline value. These people were also asked about their skin type on the basis of having an oily or dry, or pigmented or non-pigmented or tight or wrinkled skin.

On the 60th day, by using an ordinal scale the researchers compared the results; 0 showed no progress, 1 showed slight progress and 2 showed significant signs of progress. Smile lines were also compared using the latest version of the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale. I on the scale show no wrinkling while III indicates severe wrinkling. The average age of the Caucasians participants was from 23 to 69 years.

Arm 2: Quantitative Study of Collagen Density

In this arm, the participants were asked to take liquid food supplement continuously for 12 weeks. The ten subjects were either asked to take 50 ml placebo or Gold Collagen. A record for their collagen density was made by using a high-resolution ultrasound skin imaging by Derma-lab Skin-Lab.

The cross-sectional image on the screen indicates the intensity of the captured signals. The color gradient is inversely proportional to the received signals, stronger reflections show brighter color while the low reflections indicate darker colors. Brighter color areas are linked to areas where there is a significant change in the density of collagen, connective tissue, and elastin. Lighter color shows the areas of blood, fluid, and fat.

On-screen dermis was represented by mix colors while muscle and subcutaneous fat are showed up with black and dark green color. The density of the proteins is directly linked with the intensity of the ultrasound echo that is lower the density of collagen and elastin fibers the lower the intensity score.

Measurements were taken from the crow’s feet and left ventral forearm. The researchers took an average of three measurements of the ultrasound echo taken at each area. A record was maintained at every 4,8,12 weeks. The study was carried out from October to December when the weather conditions are usually harsh.

Arm 3: Quantitative Assessment of Firmness

In the arm, 3 people were subjected to liquid food supplements for continuous 130 days. The researchers kept on tracking the effects of Gold Collagen on the skin by using the Skinlab USB Elasticity Module at 50, 80, and 130 days. A mean was calculated from the recorded measurements keeping up the error of ≤0.05. Three measurements were taken to reach an accurate value.

What are the Results?

eldelry skin
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Arm 1: Improvement in Skin Properties and Reduction in Smile Lines

Of 217 participants, 157 subjects had a medium or high amount of wrinkles. After the research, it was quite interesting for the researchers to know that 109 out of these observed visible changes or improvements in their wrinkles. 24 out of these people then did not opt for Botox or fillers.

Only one participant made his nevus and papilloma removed while 7 subjects went for cheek augmentation. The remaining ones simply ignored the cosmetic procedures. This clearly proved Gold Collagen as one of the effective supplement for wrinkles and facial lines.

86 of the participants were going through photoaging. Of these 86 subjects, 37 observed improvements (19 went for facial treatment and rest of them either selected local Botox and fillers or remained quiet). Gold collagen played the same role for the problem of dryness as well. 44 out of 54 people showed visible improvements in skin hydration.

A 24% reduction was observed in the smile lines. After the completion of 60 days, researchers observed significant progress in those who followed cosmetic treatments. Following was the reduction observed among the participants:

  • 15% for Botox
  • 28% for filers
  • 18% for mesotherapy
  • 10% for dermabrasion
  • 15% for laser treatments

Aim 2: Enhancement of Collagen Content

Upon comparing the result with the placebo group great progress was observed in both the crow’s feet area and left ventral forearm. A much remarkable result was seen in the forehead than the forearm. The analysis of the study helped the researchers to conclude that daily intake of Pure Gold Collagen can improve skin collagen density with time.

Aim 3: Enhancement of Skin Fairness

67 volunteers skin firmness was kept in check by the Derma-Lab Skin-Lab USB elasticity module. Skin firmness was clearly observed at a time period of 80 to 130 days in 37% of the study population. At 80 days there was average progress of 83%; P≤0.05 and at 130 days it was 94%; P≤0.01.

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