Why do you get Pimples on Lips?

Pimples can get really annoying if they occur every now and then anywhere on the body. Some people are prone to getting pimples if they eat foods high in fat content or with spices. We will discuss more about the reasons and treatment methods to avoid pimples from occurring in this article.

First of all, you need to consider all the reasons why pimples are getting a peep every now and then so you may have a better idea what foods to avoid. It is obvious that fatty foods will block the oil glands causing breakouts on the skin. Therefore, it is better to avoid them at all costs if this is the case with you.

Moreover, pimples can occur as a result of genetic factor as you may have got them in your genes. You are prone to acne breakouts if your parents or any of the close relatives have it. Rule out the factors that may have been causing you to suffer from more pimples than you used to before as they can get really irritating to deal with.

Most Common Reasons for Pimples to Occur?

Pimples mostly occur if your diet is not balanced and contains more fatty or spicy foods.

Where do Pimples Appear Mostly?

Pimples mostly occur on the face as that is the area we usually touch more often. However, pimples may occur anywhere on the body and can be really painful. Pimples usually occur on areas where oil glands produce more oil which usually blocks the pores such as nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Can you Get Pimple on Your Lip?

Pimples occuring on the lip may have underlying causes other than the blockage of oil glands. There may be an infection which is usually shown in form a pimple over the lip. It is best to apply a suitable medicine for treating the pimples on lips as they may be more sensitive than the ones occuring in other areas.

What are the Foods to Avoid?

Try to avoid fatty foods as they will only make your problem worst. Fried and spicy foods are most likely to cause pimples on your face or other parts of the body. Junk foods also lie in the category of unhealthy foods as they are high in carbohydrates. Refined and processed foods can also worsen your problem as it disturbs the immune system and makes the body react adversely. Follow a Healthy Diet Plan containing fruits and vegetables to keep your skin nourished with vital nutrients.

How to Prevent Pimples?

Was your hands with sanitizer to avoid getting bacteria spread on the body. Do not touch your face more often as the germs will not hesitate to cause pimples as soon as they get their favourite spot. Keep yourself clean and take a bath daily so as to minimize the likelihood of pimple breakouts on the skin. Bathing washes out the excess oil on the body which is usually the cause of acne and pimples. Any blockage of the oil glands will also be unblocked in which case you will have no pimples.

Other Remedies to Treat Pimples

Home remedies are known to be effective for treating acne breakouts on the skin. They give relief as cooling agents and reduce inflammation of the skin. Aloe Vera, mint, gram flour, citrus fruits give an antiseptic effect for the skin.

Holding a cold compress on the lip can help get rid of it. Also a warm compress will help unblock the blocked pores. Castor oil is another effective remedy to apply and treat pimples on lips. These pimples are usually white blisters caused by the hair follicles getting clogged with oil. These can be readily treated with home remedies but you should see a doctor if they don’t go away or get more painful.

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