A Guide to Baby’s Movements During Pregnancy

It is difficult to recognize the movements for the first time moms early in the pregnancy as they are not familiar with what to expect and how will it feel. The kicks and jerks will become more prominent as the pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy week by week can guide you what to expect in every month.

What is Quickening?

The first fetal movements are known as quickening and they can be felt from as early as 13 to 16 weeks from your last menstrual date. These movements are more commonly known as flutters inside the womb as they are gentle.

How does it feel when Baby Moves?

The movement will feel like gentle swirl or fluttering initially until week 20. It is difficult to recognize the movements for the first time moms early in the pregnancy as they are not familiar with what to expect and how will it feel.

First pregnancy is all about surprises and the soon to be moms are getting used to new changes occurring each day. They get used to the pattern of their baby moving as soon as they realize it is not gas but actual movement of their baby. This is the most awaited moment in a pregnancy as you get to feel the baby for the first time.

When Will I Feel My Baby’s First Movement?

The first time you feel your baby moving is an exciting moment as your baby makes you realize he is squirming around inside. You will probably start to feel something around 18 or 20 weeks if this is your first pregnancy as you may be unaware of what it actually is. Anyway, you must have felt some movement pattern until 24 weeks or else you should see your doctor and discuss if everything is okay.

How Often Should the Baby Move?

Baby movements change with every passing day during pregnancy. The movements will grow and develop to be stronger in the third trimester. The frequency increases later on which is the time to actually get to see the foot or knee pushing on the outside of your belly.

Your baby won’t move constantly as he will need rest too. So, it is probably not a thing to worry if you don’t feel anything for about 20 minutes. Not seeing much activity on scans may be reason your baby is snoozing. It is common for women to not feel all baby movements which is why you may feel the gap is getting longer since anything was felt.

How many Kicks Should I Feel Everyday?

There is no set number of movements to be felt each day as every pregnancy is different. It does not also mean that the baby will be active if he moves a lot inside. All these are perceptions or myths created by people so there is nothing to worry most of the time people tell you to. However, you should talk to your doctor if something really worries you.

Try to be aware of the pattern or tune of your baby’s movements as that will be more useful in determining if everything is going well rather than keeping a chart for counting the number of kicks felt.

Not Feeling Baby Movements Anyday?

It is more likely that you may not have concentrated on the movements if did not feel anything throughout the day. Try to relax and focus on the movements for a couple of hours and you will be able to feel at least 10 of them. Have some rest and have a snack to make the baby move. A cold drink can also help in such a case as the baby will try to move away from it. Making some noise can also make your baby move. Try all these if you are really concerned about the baby not moving frequently.

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