How to Cope with Mood Swings During Pregnancy?

Women tend to be worried about their upcoming life after being a parent many a times during their pregnancy phase. However, they may be overwhelmed by the thought of holding their new born in their arms for the first time. They are also worried by thinking if their baby will be born healthy.

Whether you will be able to manage finances afterwards? Also how will you cope up with the fear of labour and birth after having heard such dreary stories.

You may also worry about your changing appearance abd if your partner will find you attractive afterwards. All such thoughts are very common and most people go through the same feelings during this phase. This should be able to relax your nerves to some extent as you are not alone in this emotional journey. The roller coaster ride may also make you forgetful as you may not be able to focus well on tasks. This can be frustrating but you will feel better soon.

When Will Mood Swings Stop?

Although women go through different phases of mood swings in their monthly cycle as the hormones go up and down, pregnancy moods may become even more frustrating as they last longer. Every woman is different and so will their pregnancy be. Some women are more likely to get affected by the hormonal changes whereas others are able to cope up with them successfully.

You may expect your mood swings to become manageable in the second trimester. The irritability will not be as it was earlier in the pregnancy. The occasional wobble is quite normal in every case as you have already passed the major mood swing ride. You may then have mood swings again closer to your due date as labour and child birth begins to make you concerned.

How to Manage Mood Swings?

Try to calm down and relax while having the emotional ride during pregnancy. You are not alone in this journey as most women struggle with their emotions in this phase. You can try things that help you calm your nerves down. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

Try and Talk to Someone

Talking to someone is always the best remedy to overcome emotions. Be honest about your feelings to know how understanding others can be. Support and advice from your loved ones will be valuable from you in time of need.

Ask for Practical Help

It is not necessary that you do all work before your baby arrives. You don’t have to shop for every baby equipment as you will have time afterwards as well. Try not to burden yourself with work load.

Take Plenty of Rest

Try and take plenty of rest because it will be difficult for you to manage mood swings if you are tired. Take short naps whenever you can so as to refuel yourself for the rest of the day.

Make Fun

Engage yourself in tasks you enjoy doing. This will take your mind off pregnancy thoughts for a while and you may feel better.

Bond with Your Partner

Have quality time with the ones you love as they are the ones who stand by your side when you are in pain. Letting your partner know that you cherish him will make him understand you and your moods.

Do Some Exercise

Indulge yourself in some sort of exercise so as to remain healthy and fit. This will also help calm you and relieve stress.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Stop feeling guilty for any negative feelings you are having as this is all normal and it is not your fault.

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