Significance of Physical Activity for Adults

Physical activity has always bee considered an essential part of routine. It includes all sorts of leisure activities such as walking, dancing, hiking, household chores, and even sports and games. The global recommendations for adults aged between 18 and 64 are indicated so as to know what is good for health.

What are the Global Recommendations on Health for Adults?

The World Health Organization has stated recommendations for adults to indulge in physical activity in regular basis. Adults aged 18-64 should engage themselves in at least 150 minutes of moderate level exercise in a week to stay physically active. This may also be replaced with 75 minutes of vigorous level exercise per week to have the body toned up. This equivalent combination of different intensity exercises will have the same effect and it is up to an adult’s stamina that will allow him to choose a level of suitable intensity exercise.

Aerobics exercise should be done for 10 minutes duration at least to have most effect. Individuals may increase their workout to double of what they have been doing previously to have maximum effect. For example, 300 minutes of moderate level exercise instead of the regular 150 minutes per week. Also increase the vigorous level exercise to 150 minutes in a week. Also, it is recommended to do muscle strengthening exercises for 2 or more days of the week to involve the major muscle groups.


Who Can Follow the Global Recommendations for Physical Activity?

Adults of ages in between 18 and 64 can follow the guidelines given by the world health organization unless they have any medical condition. All genders, and races can apply the given recommendations in daily life. However, some adjustments may be needed for individuals according to their capability of enduring the following exercise schedule.

How to Accumulate Exercise Minutes Per Week?

Accumulation of the total recommended minutes of exercise is important to have regular and consistent level of physical activity throughout the week. Dividing the exercise in 10 minutes bouts each to spread throughout the day will be easier to start your regime. Later, you may combine the bouts to 30 minutes in a day for 5 days of the week. This will make up for 150 minutes of total physical activity in the week.

Can Pregnant Women Follow the Same Guidelines?

It is not recommended for the pregnant women to try and achieve same exercise targets during the phase as they need to take extra precautions. The guidelines work differently for people with zero activity levels as their body will need time to adjust gradually. Other individuals aiming to increase their duration, should first increase the frequency and then the intensity of their physical activity.

What are the Benefits of Physical Activity?

Active individuals have a lower rate of coronary heart disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, colon disease, diabetes, depression, and breast cancer as compared to those who are less active. Activity makes you less prone to have fractures as you have improved muscular fitness. Overall, physical activity will make you achieve a healthier body with better weight management.

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