Role of Genes and Environment in Mental Development

Human psychology has a great influence of genetics and environment both of which develop an individual’s personality. Genetic sciences are considered important for the inheritance of certain characteristic traits. But it is the environment that highlights the traits in the circumstances faced.

Significance of Genetic Science

Researches show how significant are the inherited characteristic traits of a person and how these help in the development of mental abilities. An individual’s life os dependant on what he has got in his genes plus other factors which we are going to discuss below. The traits that are inherited by parents are certainly important as that is what we start our lives with. But do these traits dictate how we are going to be in future depends on the situations and experiences we will encounter in life.

Role of Genetic Factors to Develop An Individual’s Personality

This is a debate known to puzzle educators and philosophers for a hundred of years as it is very difficult to decide what factors are the most dominant on developing human psychology. As it said, the onset of puberty greatly depends on genetics but environmental factors also have great influence on the body in every aspect. Overall, heredity and environment both interact with each other to shape an individual’s personality. However, the interaction is very complex it is thought to be varied in every case.

The human body contains a set of chromosomes inherited by both the parents which makes up for an individual’s blueprint. The genetic code of a person works for how a person will act as an individual in life. The genes expression is influenced by the environmental factors

Influence Of Environment on Mental Development

The circumstances faced by an individual count for the development of an individual’s personality. The experiences we face in life are unpredictable but they have enough power to boost our capabilities depending on what we encounter in life and how we deal with the situations. There has been plenty of research done on these factors which eventually shape a person’s mental development.

It is also said that if environment and circumstances faced in life had no impact on a person’s development, it would have been easy to predict the behaviour of people from birth.

How do Genetics and Experiences Interact?

The interaction of genetics with thr pufe experiences faced is complex. It depends on the genotype and phenotype of a person which indicate the heridatory and how those inherited genes are expressed. Same blueprint can result in how different all the resulting built blocks are. Researchers have developed different perceptions about how various factors affect a human’s development. The mental ability of an individual cannot only be decided by his genes as there are experiences that we encounter in life.

Final Words

It is true that genetics have a great influence on a person’s mind but it should also be understood that other variables also coexist in this journey. Parenting, culture, education, and relationships make up for an individual’s growth of mind. Two different individuals brought up in the same environment will again percieve things in a different way according to their mental ability as they will be having other life experiences too.

Chromosomes are responsible for the inherited genes from parents and family as they are codes that will develop into traits. The traits can always be polished and groomed by providing suitable environment for growth and learning. This will eventually result in how a person will grow as an individual and succeed in life. So, it is all about the interaction of genes and environemental factors which shape a person’s mind and capabilities.

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