Intresting Facts and Myths About Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes your body change in a number of ways. There are facts that will surprise you about pregnancy. The physical transformation during the phase might signal the development of your growing baby inside the womb.

Size of the Uterus

Uterus is the place where the baby grows after fertilization of the egg. The egg is then implanted and embedded into the wall of uterus and that is where placenta starts to grow. As the pregnancy progresses, the size of uterus gets bigger and a doctor or midwife is able to have an idea of its size. Uterus will reach up to the navel until week 20 which is standard for every pregnancy.

But what is even more surprising is that fact the uterus will grow as big as a watermelon. This is an amazing journey of how the uterus grows 500 times bigger than its actual size.

Bigger Shoe Size

Women are very likely to have swollen feet in the third trimester when the boy weight increases and the belly puts pressure on the legs. Water retention is the reason behind this gradual increase in the feet size.

Bigger Heart

Now this is something unusual because how can you even imagine the heart getting bigger all of a sudden? The actual size of the heart increases by 12% because the uterus pushes it upwards which even changes its direction. The heart pumps more blood in pregnancy because the baby requires more blood volume to grow.

Lactation Begins at the Sound of Crying Baby

Lactation is a nature’s phenomenon and it begins just after birth. But have you heard of the fact that a baby’s cry can also make you lactate even if the baby isn’t yours. Isn’t it wonderful? This can happen from the second or third trimester.

Heightened Sense of Smell

Pregnant women are known to have a heightened sense of smell which makes them smell almost everything. Food cravings are often explained with the logic that the smell of bad foods helps keep you away.

Pregnancy Makes you Limber

The body stretches significantly during the pregnancy phase because of the hormone called relaxin. This hormone relaxes the joints which stretches out ligaments. The stretching usually becomes noticable after the first trimester.

Heartburn is Linked to Babies with More Hair

Pregnant women face heartburn during their pregnancy period which is actually a sign of baby growing more hair. This is also scientifically proved and also seen with women having it. All the facts will amaze you as they signal something going on in the body.

Babies Urinate Inside and Drink It

As soon as you are four months pregnant, your baby will begin to urinate inside you. They will pee upto 1 liter a day and drink it up too. Does that disgust you? Well, this is nature’s phenomenon and nothing to worry about as your baby will be totally fine when he comes to life.

What Does Relaxin Hormone Do?

The hormone is responsible for softening your joints so that hip bone and pelvis can open up for birth. The softening also makes pregnant women more likely to have broken bones. They should therefore be careful.

Babies Cry in the Womb

Do you know that babies cry inside the womb. This was seen during ultrasound scans when babies expressed displeasure. Although this can be sad and scary, it shows that the little ones have feelings and emotions even when they are inside.

Linea Nigra

Have you noticed the vertine dark line on your abdomen yet? Three out of four women experience this line crossing their navel starting from the second trimester. The line shows no signs of danger and is likely to disappear after birth. However, it may also remain after birth which is not harmful again. It is advised not to try any creams for getting rid of the linea nigra. Let nature do its work.

Natural Induction through Nipple Stimulation

Ever heard about the natural induction methods? There are commonly herd stories abaiut pineapple and eggplant bringing on labor naturally which is not true most of the times. Nipple stimulation is the only natural induction method known to induce labor naturally.

Girls Get All Eggs Before Birth

Did you know that girls get all their reproductive eggs in the womb while boys produce sperm after puberty? A girl will have all the eggs at the time of birth which will reduce from millions to hundreds at the time of puberty. That is when she will have mature eggs each month which will shed off if not fertilized.

Babies are Coated with Creamy Cheese Like Coating

How does this sound to you? This creamy cheese like coating is called vernix which keeps the baby safe inside and makes it slippery to come out through the vagina easily. This coating will shed just after birth.

Newborns may Have Teeth

Isn’t it strange that a newborn may have teeth? However, these teeth will be shed naturally right after birth or will be removed by a doctor as they may harm the mother while breastfeeding. This happens only rarely as 1 in 2000 babies have them at birth.

Babies Have Fur All Over their Body

Babies have a fur like coat overtheir body which is called lanugo. This hair is a protective coat which is shed before birth. So you will see your baby’s skin all shiny and clear at birth.

Progesterone Makes you Lethargic

Do you know why you feel lethargic all day during pregnancy? This is because of the hormone known as progesterone which does not allow you to do any strenuous work during pregnancy as it may harm the fetus. How wonderful is nature and its planning as nothing is without reason. So, the next time you feel tired, relax as nature wants you to enjoy your time as a mom to be. Progesterone will naturally drop when it is time for labor.

Blood Supply to Breasts Increase

A woman’s breasts are made for breastfeeding which is why pregnancy brings about a big change in nipples and breasts. The blood supply increases to the breasts which may make the blood vessels visible in the area.
Pregnancy Boosts Metabolism
Pregnancy is a metabolism booster which will compensate for your weight gain. Isn’t this a wonderful thing to know as you may often get worried about all the extra pounds you havr gained during pregnancy.

Myths About Pregnancy and Gender of Baby

While there are interesting facts about pregnancy to amaze you, there are myths which have been in existence as the old wives tales. These myths make no sense in most of the cases as science does not back any of these. There are reasons to oppose the myths as well which we will discuss below.

Shape of Belly Reveals Gender of Baby

The myths says if the belly is lower, you will be carrying a boy and if the belly is higher, it will be a girl. The fact is that women who have their first pregnancy will naturally carry higher as their muscles of the stomach are strong enough to hold it tighter. So, this cannot in any way reveal the gender of the baby.

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