Interesting Facts About Fetal Movements

Pregnancy brings joy and excitement for a couple. This enjoyment is even doubled as soon as the baby starts kicking inside the womb. These movements can be felt from weeks 18 to 20 by the first time moms as they figure out the pattern. Movements are described differently by different women as the early movements known as quickening are not so clear and notable as the ones in the comings weeks become stronger.

Every couple waits for the first kick by their baby so they can bond with their baby well and enjoy those heart whelming moments. Here are some fun facts about the fetal movements which will amaze you.

What Do Baby Movements Feel Like?

Pregnant women describe their baby’s movements like butterflies, fluttering, nervous twitches, or tumbling motion. All these are felt by women as everybody is different and their body may respond differently to sensations. Or it may be said that the movements are described in a different way by different women. It is a miracle of life to feel a little life inside you and witness its growth yourself as the movements and size of the baby grows.

When Do Baby Movements Start?

Every mother to be anxiously waits for this exciting moment when she would be able to feel her little one inside of her. The incredible journey of pregnancy brings a number of emotions with it. Some women have fears about the baby’s health while some fear if they will become good mothers. Whatever is your feeling, you will be overwhelmed as soon as you feel the first twitch inside. You may want to reassure yourself if that is your baby moving and that will happen as you progress in your pregnancy.

Usually baby movements start from weeks 18 to 20 and can be recognized by the first time moms. However, the second time moms can recognize the movements even sooner than that. Women also experience from as early as 12 or 14 weeks which may be quite early for others and therefore it is nothing to worry about if you have not felt anything until 20 weeks.

When Do Movements Become Distinct?

The baby starts moving inside in the first trimester but it is not usually noticable. Doctors usually tell about the movements after 20 weeks as that is a standard for everyone. Most women will have felt something in between 20 and 25 weeks. A doctor will see if everything is okay and will refer you to an ultrasound scan if reassurance is needed. So, it is better to tell your midwife or doctor what movements you have felt and even if you have not felt anything.

Pregnancy is a journey full of wonders as it brings you joy and fear at the same time. Fear is only about the well being if your baby which is an experience of its own.

What Does an Active Baby in Womb Mean?

A baby moving actively in the womb does not show signs of an hyper active kid as people often believe. Babies are not on a schedule in the womb. However, it is important to have at least one active hour of the day or night to assure that the baby is growing healthy. Fetal movements can hurt later in the pregnancy as the growing baby kicks with force but that should give you pleasure by the thought that he is growing healthy and wants to play more than anything else.

Each pregnancy is unique and so each baby will have different movements and timings. If the baby is actively moving inside you, it certainly does not mean that he will keep you on your toes after birth.

Will Baby Feel when You Rub Your Tummy?

The baby can feel your touch as you rub your belly. Baby will also respond to your touch as your pregnancy progresses and you are in the third trimester. The soon to be moms naturally rub their pregnant belly as they love their experience with the baby.

The baby is well protected by your skin and cushioning inside with fats. This makes sure that the baby does not get hurt inside but he will surely feel you poking well before you start feeling his response. This happens between weeks 18 and 20 for most women as the baby’s size is big enough to cause sensations in your body.

Should the Baby Move Everyday?

Yes, your baby should move everyday after 20 weeks. The movements can vary for different women but there should be some kind of Movement each day. That is the reason why doctors advise pregnant women to note down the number of kicks felt for at least an hour of the day. A baby can be made to move by having a snack, lying down, gently poking your belly, shining a flashlight over the tummy, or simply talking to baby.

What can Hurt Your Baby in the Womb?

You must have wondered about a number of things that might hurt your baby. Bending over and sleeping on your stomach are the most common concerns for a mother. Bending does no harm to your baby as he is well protected inside the womb but it may cause you extreme discomfort as you reach the third trimester. It is advised that women should not bend over and over again as it may strain your back.

A growing belly does not allow you to sleep on your stomach which is why you don’t do so. Pregnancy sleeping position must be chosen according to your comfort as you don’t want to hurt the baby neither you want to have a back ache. These are the most common concerns while sleeping as many positions will make you uncomfortable unlike before pregnancy.

When Can Baby Movements be Felt On Outside of Belly?

Baby movements can be felt from as early as 16 weeks but it may take longer to have notice of the baby’s activity on the outside of your belly. The partner may want to feel the baby’s kick which will happen most probably as you reach 20 weeks.

Does Baby Kicking Hurt?

Baby movements can be hurtful sometimes for the mom as the kick strains the ribs or the abdomen. You may feel a sharp jabbing pain as the baby’s arm or foot presses against your organs. You will not be annoyed by your baby kicks most probably as they are much awaited and the pain is worth the excitment it brings.

Babies take rest just like newborns and they sleep for around 17 hours a day. Each period may last for 40 or 50 minutes. So, if you have been moving constantly during the day, your baby must be sleeping. A peak in the baby activity is noticed after meals as the baby gets energy. It is also said that a cold drink can also make a baby move suddenly as he tries to move away fronm it.

Fascinating enough? Your journey will be filled with immense pleasure as babies are miracles of nature. One cannot even imagine how a life nurtures inside you and comes to the world when you hold the little one in your arms. Experiencing the joy yourself will make you realize how wonderful nature and its blessings are. Pregnancy is an adventure to live and experience.

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