What Parents Should Know About Cbd?


Cannabidiol or CBD has become surprisingly common nowadays as it is being used in foods by various restaurants. Parents are advised to known more about CBD so they may save their children from its effects.

People are well familiar with other cannabis components such as thc and marijuana but they do not have much information about CBD which is trending nowadays as a new harmless drug. THC has been famous for its psychotropic high properties whereas CBD is different. CBD is non psychoactive in nature but this is not the only thing parents should know about CBD.

Are there any Long Term Effects of CBD on Children?

Parents would never want to risk the health of their children at any cost. So, they should know what restaurants are using in their recipes as a harmless drug. Why is it used so frequently everywhere if does not make any difference to the recipe anyway? Lastly, does it make you an addict so the restaurant can get regular customers in? All such questions have been arising since CBD got legalised in the United States although it was only meant for medicinal purposes.

There are promising results of CBD for treating health disorders such as Alzheimer’s and anxiety but more research is needed to prove that this is done without harming overall health. A family physician shared her consent about the use of CBD by children as it is still not a well studied product and there are concerns about its purity. She did not recommend the use of CBD for children of any age. She tends to focus more on THC so that children may stay away from these drugs in any age.

Ingestion of CBD in our Daily Life

You may wonder how can CBD be ingested when we don’t take it particularly. It should be known that there are products incorporating CBD as an ingredient because it has become legal recently. It has become a norm in the United States to take CBD as a legal drug and teens are getting affected with it. It is still not clear what effects it will have on the developing brains of teens.

CBD Based Products in the Market

The market explodes with products containing CBD and you will find it in everything now from brownies to dog treats. You will also find this drug in ice cream, cocktails, and snacks. There are various ointments and creams that contain CBD for its beneficial properties. Moreover, CBD oil is available for inhaling purpose.

How Can you Know If a Child has Taken CBD?

It is not easy to tell if a child has taken CBD or not as it does not have psychoactive properties. It is still advised to have a check and if you suspect your child of using CBD in any form without a doctor’s prescription or your permission, discuss the health impacts of CBD with him. Talking to your child about such substances can be easy if you have a friendly discussion. Figure out the reason why they are using it and how does it make them feel. This is the only way of helping your child make healthy decisions at the right time before its too late.

Final Word

Reaearch is still required in the CBD subject as people are still not sure if it is safe or even effective for health. Parents have been discussing about the effects and usage of marijuana and thc with children but CBD is all new to many of them. Many of us still don’t know much about its usage and impacts on health. Therefore, it is crucial to have your research and have a talk with your children about CBD now.

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