Function of HCL in the Stomach


A strong gastric juice is produced as you eat your food which then aids in the digestion process. This acid is chemically known as hydrochloric acid which plays a vital role in digesting food.

How Does Digestion Take Place?

Food is broken down into small particles to absorb all the essential nutrients into the bloodstream. The body produces hydrochloric acid needed for the digestion process although such acids may be produced in excess which becomes a problem later.

What is Hydrochloric Acid in the Body?

Hydrochloric acid forms in the body by the combination of hydrogen and chloride. It is an acid for the early digestion process with its strength of breaking down foods. It has PH of 2 and is strong enough to digest your stomach but the stomach protects itself with a lined mucus. The HCL acid combines with water and other fluids in the stomach to make gastric juice which then helps in digesting food. This acid has an important role in the chemical digestion of food particles in the stomach.

HCL Function in the Body?

Any excessive acid levels in the stomach have to be decreased through medicines or foods as they may cause harm to the whole digestive tract. When the food reaches your stomach, it expands and this stretching produces a hormone called gastrin. This gastrin signals the production of Hcl acid which then plays its part in digestion.

So, how is HCL acids important for the digestion process. It is responsible for breaking down protein from the foods you take into the stomach for digestion. It also kills bacteria entering the stomach and is then nuetralized by other chemicals in the stomach. The highly acidic nature of Hcl acid in the body makes it corrosive which fights infections and protects the immune system.

Another function of Hcl acid in the stomach is to activate the enzymes and break some of them into pepsin which again has a role in digestion.

How Does Excess HCL affect Your Body?

Excessive levels of the HCL acid have to be treated properly as they cause acid digestion. This usually happens when your body is in stress or you have overeaten. Excess levels can be indicated if you have burning discomfort or heartburn. Antacids are usually available over the counter for treatment of excess levels of hcl acid or for neutralizing the acidity in the stomach.

How to Treat Excess Hcl in Stomach?

Although Hcl and pepsin are essential for proper digestion, their excess can be harmful for your health. The role of Hcl in the stomach is to digest foods as it is strong enough to do break down nutrients from foods. There are ways to nuetralize the acid levels through medicines and home remedies. Natural home remedies include chewing fresh ginger twice or thrice a day. Also, milk can help you treat acidity. Coconut water is another way to soothe the system. Other ways include taking watermelon juice or lemon juice. Basil leaves and buttermilk are also effective home remedies to help you treat acidity.

Regular eating time should be maintained to prevent acidity. Also, you should avoid foods that are known to trigger excess acid formation in the stomach. All such measures will help you tabolize gastruc juice levels and eccess Stomach acid. Vinegar, and pickle foods should be avoided as they can make your acidity worse. Bananas are known to be good for treating acid reflux as they have a balanaced ph of 5.6. However, you should still see what works for yourself as most foods that suit others may not necessarily suit you.

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