Why Does Your Nose Twitch?

Spasms are involuntary twitching of any part which can be really frustrating. These twitches may not be harmful to you in any way but they can be distracting as you can’t really focus on the daily activities. People most often experience eye twitches or nose twitches which can indicate deficiencies of nutrients in the body. Let us know more about the causes of nose twitching.

What Causes Nose Twitching?

The human body needs essential nutrients to perform optimally. Proper muscle function can only be achieved if the body is nourished well with all the vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Vitamins and minerals are the source of healthy blood circulation to maintain nerve function and muscle tone. Nature has a boost of all essential minerals and vitamins to take advantage from but the most important ones include iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B, and magnesium.

Dietary supplements are meant for overcoming nutrient deficiencies but they should be prescribed by doctors after an examination. Overall, if your body is deficient in any nutrient, it will cause side effects such as twitching. For example, It is also said that the twitching of eyes can happen if you are magnesium deficient.


There are certain medicines that trigger muscle spasms to a level that they may frustrate you. Such medicines may include diuretics, asthma medication, certain hormones, medicines for high blood pressure, and statin medication. You should consult your doctor as soon as you start noticing any muscle spasms or twitching that lasts longer and irritates you. This may be a side effect of the medicines you are taking and only a doctor can evaluate if there are chances of changing the medicine.

Nerve Damage

The nervous system can also cause twitching in the nose or muscle spasms. Nerve damage is the main cause of the resulting spasms which has to be treated with medicines. The medicines will reduce the symptoms and spasms which are affected from the damaged nerves. Conditions that may cause this side effect include Parkinson’s disease.

Facial Tic Disorder

Facial tics is a disorder which affects children mostly but it can affect anyone. The disorder causes uncontrollable spasms of the face. Other symptoms of the disorder may include eye twitching, raising eyebrows, clicking of the tongue, clearing the throat, and grimacing. Usually you will not need a treatment to reduce the symptoms as they will go away with time but you should visit a doctor if they persist for longer. Some of the effective treatments may include therapy, brain stimulation, botox injections, and stress reduction programs.

Tourette Syndrome

This is a neurological disorder that can cause nose twitching symptoms. Tourette syndrome may cause spasms that are involuntary. The symptoms include head jerking, rapid eye movements, sniffing, swearing, repeating words or phrases.

Final Word

Muscle spasms including nose twitching is a common side effect if your body does not get essential nutrients through diet or you are taking medication. Although the spasms usually go away with time and do not often need treatment, you may consult a doctor if they get worse. Discuss the reactions of medications if you are facing their adverse reactions.

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