Are Digital Pregnancy Tests More Accurate?

Most pregnancy test manufacturers claim accurate results only if the test is taken on the right day of cycle. Too early or too late in the cycle can give you false negative result no matter if you are using traditional pregnancy tests or digital pregnancy tests.

Home pregnancy tests were first developed in 1970’s as this way was found more covenient. Blood testing can be expensive and not everyone is fond of having their blood drawn. Therefore people like to avoid having blood tests whenever it is possible. All pregnancy tests are designed to work with the same technique as they have antibodies coated with a chemical. When urine in contact with the strip or pen instrument, these antibodies bond with the hCG hormone to result in a positive pregnancy.

Factors Affecting Pregnancy tests Accuracy

Pregnancy tests may be able to detect the hCG hormone easily as you are farther along with pregnancy as the concentration increases. As every woman and every pregnancy is different, the tests will result differently in each case. It cannot be said for sure if all women will get an accurate result before they missed period as the increase in hCG hormone levels can vary. Whether it is a one line pregnancy test or two line pregnancy test, many factors will affect the results.

Pregnancy test


The brand of pregnancy test instrument counts for the accuracy of results. Low quality products can give you a false negative or even a false positive.


The timing should be correct for testing pregnancy as too early in the cycle will not provide you with accurate results. You should go for blood testing instead if you want earlier pregnancy detection. Most urine tests will not work until the day of your missed period or just 1 or 2 days earlier than that.


Medicines can have an impact on the pregnancy testing result. Some medicines have the hCG hormone which will give you a false positive result. Such medicines are often used to treat infertility.

Medical Problem

A false positive pregnancy result can occur because of an underlying condition that is causing abnormal increases in the levels of the hormone hCG. This should be immediately reported to a doctor as it may be dangerous for your health.

How do Digital Pregnancy Tests Work?

Digital pregnancy tests work in the same way as other pregnancy tests although the results may be easier to read. People may find it convenient to find out accurate readings on the scale as digital monitors display results. However, there is no difference in how they work as other pregnancy tests are also designed to measure the hCG hormone in urine. The only factor responsible for inaccurate results may be the timing of test.

Digital pregnancy test instrument is pen shaped and gives you rapid results even if the test was not done correctly. This may be assumed as these digital instruments are more accurate although the result may still go wrong with timing.

So, are digital pregnancy tests more accurate? This is not a concern as most tests will show results in different way but the answer will still remain the same. The most sensitive digital pregnancy instruments can detect as low as 15 miU/ml of hCG in the urine whereas the non digital traditional pregnancy mostly claim detecting hCG hormone from 25 to 50 miU/ml.

Bottom Line

Overall, digital pregnancy tests can be assumed to have more accurate results with a more convenient method testing as compared to the traditional pregnancy test strips. Although both methods have shown accurate results in most of the cases, some people will just like to have a digital instrument to test.

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