Sugar Breakdown in the Body


Sugars are the greatest source of energy for the body and are absorbed by breaking down the complex sugars into simple sugars. The digestion process involves breaking carbohydrates into simple sugars including glucose which enters the bloodstream. Foods having a high glycemic index have high carbohydrate levels which are then broken down to sugars for energy.

How is Sugar Digested?

Sugar is essential for life but it is craved and criticized simultaneously. The most important thing is balance which we as humans should keep in our lives. Sugar flows throughout the blood when converted into glucose after which it burns into energy. The rise in sugar levels signals the pancreas to produce insulin hormone which plays an important role for many functions.

What are Carbohydrates and How They Convert into Sugar?

Carbohydrates are further classified into three types including starch, fiber, and sugar. Out of the three carbohydrates, only starch and sugar are broken down into simple sugars whereas fiber remains as it is. Your total carbohydrate intake fir the day is the combined quantity of starch, fiber, and sugar which should not exceed

How Sugar is Broken Down in the Body?

Monosaccharides are the simple sugars that include glucose, fructose, and galactose. The digestion process starts with the mouth from where it reaches the stomach and intestine. An enzyme takes control of breaking down sugars in the mouth but it only works on a small amount of sugar as the food particles then go to the stomach. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach then takes control of the food particles and breaks the sugars furthermore. The role of hydrochloric acid is important in the whole digestion process.

There are other enzymes in the intestines which perform the most of sugar digestion where most sugars are converted into monosaccharides. There are indigestible sugars that will not get absorbed and be passed on to the large intestine. Although the human body is designed to process small amounts of sugar, the modern diet includes excessive refined carbohydrates which actually exceed that limit.

Salivary amylase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down sugars first in the mouth. The sugar digestion in the body can take from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on what type of sugars you include in the diet. However, refined sugars can also digest as quickly as 20 minutes which is not healthy. Breaking down the sugars will also start raising your blood sugar levels.

Why Should You Choose Healthy Sugars?

Healthy sugars should make 45% to 65% of your daily intake from fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, and whole grain foods. The processed and ultra processed foods should be limited as much as possible as those do not contain healthy sugars and will cause blood sugar spikes. Refined sugars have been linked to obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease which is the obvious and foremost reason to avoid them. Natural sugars have all benefits for the body as they are digested slowly as the body is naturally designed to utilize the sugars stored gradually.

How to Get Sugars Out of The System?

High sugar levels in the blood may increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, it is important to follow a balanced diet. Staying hydrated can encourage healthy blood flow and oxygen flow throughout the body. Eat proteins and fats so as to balance your diet. Many spices are available that are known yo reduce blood sugar levels naturally. Cinnamon is one of those unusual spices that will effectively lower your blood sugar.

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