Why Does Your Baby Move Constantly in Womb?


Every pregnancy is unique and there is a lot to expect especially if it is your first one. Women may have a general idea about the particular stages and the symptoms that come along with them, but they will still feel different to each of them. As the pregnancy progresses, you will begin to experience your baby’s movements which will eventually make your bond stronger with the little one.

A woman anxiously waits for her baby to move inside her womb as it brings an overwhelming joy. The movements give a quick reminder that a little being is living inside you and is getting ready to come out. Most women keep wondering throughout their pregnancy about why their baby kicks them all the time? The answer is very simple as the baby needs to develop their bones and joints by moving and getting flexible inside although the womb is a tight space to move about. The space will get even tighter later in the pregnancy which is when you will feel the hardest kicks.

Why do Babies Kick?

The baby’s growth brings along more movements such as hiccuping, stretching, yawning, and thumb sucking as your pregnancy progresses which are all markers of a healthy little one. Women will actually wait for their little one to move so they may feel and get assured that their little one is growing well. Baby movements guide will help you learn more about what to expect at different sstages.Most women start feeling their baby’s kicks around week 16 or 18 as the size gets bigger and the uterus starts feeling as it has something moving inside of it.

Babies need their exercise as they live in a tight space where their muscles need to build flexibility. This is the simple reason why they kick you most of the time. They take frequent naps during the day as you rock them a lullaby during your daily activities. However, their active time will not cooperate with you as they start playing around when you will try yo sleep at night.

Why Your Baby is Constantly Moving in the Womb?

Pregnancy is a time to rejoice but there may be worries throughout the journey about the well being of the baby. The baby movements are a daily reminder of your baby’s health as they grow stronger as your pregnancy progresses. Any significant changes in the movements may indicate something needs to be examined by your doctor to see if everything is going well. Fetal movement monitors can count your baby’s movements throughout your day as you carry out your daily activities. This is a convenient way of doing so as women may not have enough time to measure and count them all day.

Some studies relate the number of movements with gender of the baby as boys were found to be more active as compared to girls in the womb. The baby’s kicks get more pronounced in the later weeks of pregnancy and women should generally be prepared to expect more of what they were experiencing earlier.

Baby’s increased movements are usually not a cause of concern but they can certainly put you wondering if everything is okay. Women may get the feeling of their baby constantly moving hands and feet as they beging to recognize it from outside bit this is usually not to be concerned as long as your baby is healthy and active.

Growing babies are doing much more than just kicking you as they breathe, punch, and explore their body throughout their growth. The baby’s breathing movements are also counted but they cannot really be felt by the mother. Overall, the movements can get weird at times but they are usually a sign that your baby is growing healthy. Also, it should be noted that there is no specific amount if movements you should look for as every baby is different.

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