Interesting Facts about Green Tea

Green tea is ideally known for weight loss and its antioxidant properties. It is the healthiest beverage on Earth to improve brain function and prevent various types of cancers. Tea lovers have their own taste of aroma and cannot usually resist once they are addicted to having a cup daily. Regular tea and coffee are not known for their benefits as they contain caffeine but green tea is one of the herbal teas with several benefits.

How are Herbal Teas Beneficial for Health?

Herbal teas are essentially known for their varying benefits for health. The range of herbal teas is vast as the herbs have their own uniqueness. Different herbs include chamomile, mint, lemongrass, and jasmine. All these herbs are used for making teas which have their own unique fragrances to soothe you. Green tea is basically known for the antioxidant properties which fights infections and removes toxins from the body.

What are the Benefits of Green Tea?

Green tea is popular for its health benefits because it is rich in nutrients and can improve your overall immune system. Green tea is native to India and China and is consumed worldwide for its amazing health benefits. It was not popular in the United States before as they have only recently realized how beneficial it is for various conditions.

Green tea is known to be the least processed among all other teas as it is made from unoxidized leaves. Here some of the benefits to find out how green tea can help you treat various conditions effectively.

Bioactive Compounds Improve Overall Health

Green tea is far more beneficial than any other teas available as it is fully nutritious. The polyphenols contained in green tea can reduce the risk of various cancers and also reduces inflammation. It also contains catechins that are antioxidants to prevent cell damage. The components mentioned also prevent the formation of free radicals which are known for aging process and various other diseases. One of the catehins known as EGCG has powerful medicinal properties which makes green tea even more beneficial.

Green Tea Can Make Your Brain Smarter

Unlike other teas, green tea has far more benefits than just making you feel awake. It has proven health benefits and is therefore also used for medicinal purposes. It contains caffeine but in less amounts than coffee. Caffeine is known to improve mood, concentration levels, memory, and overall brain function.

Green tea is not only about caffeine as it also contains an amino acid which crosses the blood brain barrier. It is also known to increase the dopamine levels to make you feel good. The combination of components in green tea makes it an ideal tea for improving brain function in various ways. People have experienced more productivity after consuming green tea rather than coffee because of the lower doses of caffeine.

Green Tea Improves Physical Performance through Fat Burn

Green tea is often associated with weight loss because if its boosting metabolic properties. Most of the fat burning supplements include green tea as one of the ingredients. It is also known to increase the body’s energy expenditure which accounts for weight loss. The caffeine content makes it utilize fatty acids for energy purposes although not all studies support this fact.

Green Tea Contains Antioxidants to Prevent Cancers

Cancer is a deadly disease as the cell damage spreads throughout the body in no time. Oxidative damage of the cells lets cancer develop and spread all over the body. Green tea is popular for its antioxidant properties which prevents oxidation of the damaged cells and protects the body from cancers.

Green tea has been proved beneficial for preventing breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and colorectal cancer. Drinking grean tea has been studied to decrease the risk of breast cancer in women by 20-30%. Prostrate cancer risk is deceased by 48% in men who consume green tea regularly. Also, the risk of colorectal cancer is decreased by 42% through green tea consumption.

Green Tea Lowers Risk of Brain Diseases

Various brain diseases are known to be treated with green tea including Alzheimers disease. The disease is common in older ages and green tea can help prevent it from affecting you if consumed regularly.

Parkinsons disease is another brain disorder known to affect your life. There is no dopamine production by the neurons in brain which is the basic cause of the disease. The bioactive compounds in green tea are vital for such brain diseases as they are known to improve brain function.

Green Tea Lowers Risk of Infection by Killing Bacteria

Green tea components are known to kill bacteria known to cause various infections. The catechins in green tea can inhibit viral infections and prevent tooth decay. It has also shown to reduce bad breath.

Green Tea Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is another worldwide problem that is becoming common day by day. Adults as well as young children are affected by uncontrolled blood sugar levels mainly because of their sedentary lifestyles. Studies suggest that green tea can play an effective role in reducing blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity both or which are the culprits of diabetes. The risk of diabetes can be reduced by 42% with regular green tea consumption.

Green Tea Lowers Risk of cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a growing World disease causing deaths. Green tea has beneficial properties for the heart as it reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels. The risk of heart diseases reduces by 31% which will certainly reduce other risk factors as well.

Green Tea Lowers Risk of obesity

Taking all other benefits into account, it can be concluded that green tea boosts metabolism which eventually burns fat. This does not let the body become obese as the fats are burnt at a much higher rate. Green tea also reduces the fats around abdominal area to decrease the waist circumference. This makes it an ideal therapy for PCOS in women as they tend to have more fats around their stomach.

Green Tea Can Increase your Life Span

Green tea is said to reduce the risk of all the main deadly diseases including cancers, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. This makes it obvious that it will account for your increased lifespan. Studies have reported that people who drank green tea regularly were 76% less likely yo die in the next 6 years. So, overall green tea is a tea to enhance your health, well being and live longer happily.

Interesting Facts About Green Tea

  • Green tea has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes in China and India.
  • Higher quality brands can have more benefits than the lower quality brands. This is because low quality can also contain excessive fluoride.
  • Milk can decrease the antioxidant effects of green tea and therefore it is not advised to add it in your tea.
  • Green tea can absorb the water content in your body and make you dehydrated. It is therefore recommended to increase your daily water intake if you drink green tea regularly.
  • It is better to avoid drinking green with meals for better nutrient absorption. Try taking green tea early in the morning or at night.
  • You may drink upto five cups of green tea in a day to reap most of its benefits for overall good health.

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