Risks of Western Diet and Lifestyle

Western diet is associated with chronic diseases as it has increased the risk of early death. Changing your eating habits can help you lead a happier life. Americans are becoming victims of chronic diseases as their consumption of junk foods is high and most of them do not meet the physical guidelines for adults so that their health could be prevented from further damage.

What is a Western Diet?

Western diet includes all the heavily processed foods including pizza, burger, and hot dogs. Most Americans are obese because of the unhealthy dietary intake and sedentary lifestyle. This has to change or it would become a threat to health in the future. A western diet contains all foods with high fat content and sugars and less fiber. All the processed and ultra processed foods are even more harmful for health as they are also rich in sodium, trans fats, and sweeteners.

The ultra processed foods include all white breads, potato chips, packaged cakes, frozen pizza, candies, and soft drinks. The only thing about processed and ultra processed foods is the convenience of not having to prepare meals along with their cheap price. However, such foods may seem convenient to you at present, they will make you pay the cost of health later. Such foods may also fulfil your cravings but will leave you nutrient deficient if you consume them on regular basis.

How Does Western Diet Affect Our Health?

The western diet is linked to many chronic illnesses including heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. The foods we eat have direct relation to how our gut and immune system respond. A healthy gut system contains all sorts of bacteria to regulate metabolic functions and immune system. It is studied that the intake of processed foods containing more fats and sugar content is harmful for bacteria in the digestive system. The balance is put out and the bodily mechanisms start working adversely.

Western Diet Puts Strain on Immune System

The elimination of good bacteria from the gut system triggers the body to respond adversely. The imbalance of microbes can become the direct cause of several chronic diseases. It is therefore important to reintroduce good bacteria which is potentially capable of reducing inflammation in the body. Changing eating habits has had a positive role in putting the microbes in balance.

Western Diet Affects Gut Bacteria

The microorganisms in the digestive system have many roles for maintaining a healthy immune system. The western diet kills certain bacteria in the gut which are essential for health and fight infections. Changing your lifestyle is therefore important to regain body’s strength and maintain healthy balance of bacteria in the body.

How to Improve Gut Health through Lifestyle?

  • Better food choices contribute to a healthy lifestyle which will also improve your gut health. The following measures should be taken to control your unhealthy eating habits.
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended intake of salt and sugar. Most Americans consume a lot more than what is required by the body which is leading to chronic diseases.
  • Eat More Plant Based Foods as they are rich in fiber unlike the refined foods.
  • Consume healthy fats from oily fish, plants, nuts, and seeds.
  • Eating foods that are minimally processed are fine for eating including yogurt, hummus, whole grain pasts, packaged nuts, frozen fish, canned beans, and nit butters. It should be noted that all processed foods are not bad for your health.
  • Teach your kids about healthy eating from early age so that they may know unhealthy foods act like cigarette for your body.

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