What makes Ketogenic Diet so Famous?


Weight gain has been a common issue for people since decades although more people are now facing this problem for which they opt various diet plans. Fad diets have never gained much popularity as they do not deliver long term results. However, new studies have declared keto diet very effective for weight loss.

Weight loss diets mostly reduce the daily calorie consumption so as to lose body fats but people are deprived of energy providing foods. Keto diet is different from other diet plans and is based on more consumption of fats which leads the body to go in ketosis state. Ketosis is a state in which the body utilizes fats instead of carbohydrates to provide you energy. Carbohydrates are an instant source of energy but are not considered as an ideal source of energy as the body then stores fats causing weight gain.

What are the Benefits of Keto Diet?

Keto diet has become very famous as people have started to experience its benefits. Weight loss is the main reason why people go on a keto diet, but there are other important benefits of the diet. Improved mental clarity and focus are some of the benefits people have had through keto diet. Moreover, enhanced physical endurance is also achieved through keto which is not possible through any other diet plan as they usually deprive the body of the basic daily calorie consumption. Keto has several benefits for your overall health which also has a positive effect on the mind.

The body gets a steady supply of fuel on a keto diet as the fats are utilized slowly for conversion to energy. You will not be craving for foods anymore as the body will always have fuel to make you feel fuller.

Why do People Prefer Keto?

Keto has gained popularity since the last decade as people have experienced weight loss through it. Keto is the easiest diet as it does not restrict you with few calories to eat per day. It only gives you a ratio of fats, protein, and carbohydrates which converts you into ketosis state of burning fats. The ratio defines most percentage of fats with moderate proteins and few carbohydrates consumption daily. When the body has sufficient stores of fats, it starts burning them for providing you with energy eventually losing weight.

The question is why people prefer going keto nowadays? The answer is really simple. People like to adopt ways that will make them achieve what they want and keto does that really well. People have been sharing there positive reviews on several groups online where it is proved that keto helps with healthy weight loss. Although, studies may also reveal that keto is harmful for your health in many ways, people are still concerned about losing weight through it as it is far more effective than any other diets.

Favourite Foods to Choose from for Keto Diet

Well, this is the reason why people choose keto diet after weight loss. They get to choose what to eat and most of the foods on the list are their favourites. Who does not want to achieve something when it is so easy and at the cost of having fun all the way. Cheeses are what attract people most as no other diet will allow you to have so much of them in your daily diet.

As keto is all about fats consumption, you will have to eat all that has fat in it because that makes up for most percentage of your diet. Protein quantity is only moderate combined with very few carbohydrates so as to give minimum chances for utilizing carbs for energy. Ketosis is a very well planned state which loses fats as you consume them without letting them to deposit.

Keto diet

So, what other foods does keto include? Let us have a look at all the favourites you will have to choose from. Yoy may opt for healthy fat containing foods such as Cheese, seafoods, eggs, coconut oil, yogurt, avocado, bun less burgers, and low carb salads.

Keto friendly beverages include low carb produces with natural flavorings like spinach and berries. Low carb nut milk and full fat yogurt drink can be a good choice to

Foods You Cannot Eat in Ketogenic Diet

While there are foods to enjoy in a ketogenic diet, there is a list of foods that are strictly restricted because of the high carb content. For example, bananas have high carb content and even a medium sized banana will exceed your daily carb limit which is why you should avoid eating it. Same goes for potatoes as they have high carb content and will make your ratio go bad. Rice have starch with high carb content as well which will again exceed your limit of the day. It is only allowed if you have not had any carbs in the rest of your meals in that day.

Keto Can Reduce Acne

Consuming more refined carbohydrates in the diet has been linked to increased risk of having acne and other skin problems. This also suggests that having a ketogenic diet can solve your skin problems as it only contains very few carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates also causes more fluctuations in blood sugar levels which is more likely to cause other serious health issues. Ketogenic diet saves you from all of these problems and becomes a super diet for many reasons.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

A ketogenic diet can significantly reduce the risk of cancer as it becomes a suitable treatment for cancer therapy.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Ketogenic diet has also been studied to reduce the risk of heart disease by increasing good cholesterol levels and decreasing the bad cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is good for your heart and shows significant improvement in your overall heart health.

Improves Brain Function

Ketogenic diet is surprisingly beneficial for all your body functions including the brain. The neuroprotective properties of foods in a ketogenic diet makes the brain function optimally. The diet has shown improvements in mental clarity and mental focus. It is also good for cognitive function and has shown improvements in patients with parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves PCOS Condition in Women

PCOS is a very common disorder in women of reproductive ages. The disorder is not treatable and can only be managed through proper diet and lifestyle. This is where ketogenic diet comes into importance as it improves blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity in such patients. The reproductive disorder also disrupts a woman’s monthly cycle and hormonal balance which then causes further problems.

Reduces Seizures

Epilepsy patients are seen to have a reduction in seizures through ketogenic diet as ketosis brings many improvements to their overall health. The elevated levels of a ketone makes the body utilize energy in a better way. All this is done by combining the right ratios of fats with protein and carbohydrates.

Bottom Line

Overall, ketogenic diet is enjoyable and refreshing as it provides you with your daily requirements. It may not fulfill your nutrient requirements daily but it is still worth a try if you want to achieve your weight loss targets. Ketogenic diet will make you enjoy your meals unlike any other diet plans as they usually deprive you of calories and make you crave your favorite foods.

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