How to Interpret Home Pregnancy Test?


Pregnancy tests are easy to read as most kits have the instructions on the pack. Some people may prefer digital pregnancy tests because of their higher accuracy and easy screen readings. Most results are either one line or two lines shown on the strip or pen depending on the type of kit you use. Some tests will also give you a positive sign if you are pregnant or even show you in words.

What are Two Lines in Pregnancy Test?

The first line is called control line which ensures that the test strip is working and appears on every test. The second line is the test line which actually indicates if the test is positive or negative. You will have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the second test line to appear and that needs a lot of patience. You may still test again if there is appearance of the test line but retesting is usually recommended after a couple of days to make the results mote accurate by allowing the hCG hormone levels to increase.

What Does Two Line Pregnancy Test Mean?

Two lines mean that the test for pregnancy is positive and you have successfully concieved. The second line indicates that the levels of hCG hormone are detected and bound to the chemical coated on the test strip.

The hCG hormone is the indicator of pregnancy as the levels rise in early pregnancy and are the best way to find out about pregnancy through blood or urine tests.

Why is Second Line Faint on Pregnancy Test?

The second line can be faint if there are not sufficient levels of hCG hormone levels in the urine. This may happen if the test is taken too early in the cycle either when conception has just taken place or there are other factors influencing the production of hCG hormone.

For example, Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common cause of low levels of hCG hormone levels. A doctor can figure out the exact reason of low levels of hCG hormone and prescribe you with a suitable treatment to sustain pregnancy.

The second line can be faint but it usually means that the test is positive with low levels of hCG hormone. The test should be repeated in a few days to see if the hormone levels have increased and if the faint line has become darker and prominent.

How Soon Can Take Home Pregnancy Test?

Most home pregnancy tests can detect hCG levels as low as 20 mIU which is usually reached after 7 to 10 days of conception.

The hCG levels will double every day after ovulation and so you can have a visible test line after retesting a couple of days later if you are pregnant. The accuracy of digital and traditional pregnancy tests depends on the brand and quality of test you are using.

 What Test is Better – Urine or Blood Test?

Urine test is cheaper than the blood test which is why people prefer having it first. Blood test is more expensive as it has to be carried out in the laboratory and requires proper testing of the hormone although it is more accurate and can detect even minute levels in the blood as early as conception.

The choice is however yours as some people do not want to wait until the date of missed period and want to find out as early as possible. Therefore, they go for a blood test for confirmation of pregnancy.

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