Baby Movements – How to Make Your Baby Move?

The Baby’s movements will have a pattern and you will soon be able to recognize it yourself. However, it is strongly recommended to inform your midwife or doctor if you notice a sudden change in the movements. Also, all your pregnancies may differ from each other and you should not expect the same in all. Your baby can have his own style of kicking you which is perfectly normal once you get assured that the baby is doing well.

The baby’s kicks can be defined in different ways as they feel different at different pregnancy stages. The little nudges of your baby are most likely to make you obsessed with the feelings. It is fun to notice your baby wiggle inside you before taking him in your arms. Nature has all blessings for you to experience and realize how wonderful is that feeling.

Second time moms usually know what to expect at what stage. Therefore they may be able to pick up the pattern and what to look for sooner. Have your time and get to notice the different types of kicks your baby will give throughout the pregnancy.

So, what do your baby’s movements actually tell you about? Although you will be looking forward to the very first feel of your baby, you would also start feeling strong kicks ahead. You may worry a bit if you do not feel your baby move some day for which you may try to do a couple of things.

Have a Snack

The baby will likely move around as soon as you have something to eat as he gets energy from it. Try to have snacks in the middle of your meals to frequently provide energy to your little one. This will make you have regular snacks and not starve which will also ensure that your blood sugar levels do not spike. Starving is never good as it makes your blood sugar levels disrupted.

Apply a Cold Compress on Your Belly

Don’t worry, this will not harm your baby. Putting something cold on your belly will only let your baby feel the difference in temperature and make him move around. This should not make you feel that you are torturing the baby as you ate certainly not. This will be a fun experience as your baby will respond to what you are doing on the outside. If you are really concerned about your baby, follow other steps to make your baby move.

Take Some Rest

Take a break from your activities of the day and relax for a couple of hours. This will make you bond with your baby as he is more likely to move when you are not moving around. You will also then notice the movements your baby will make more prominently. Try it out and feel it. You will also notice that your baby gets active during the night when you are trying to sleep. This is because your baby does not get your moving body as his lullaby to fall asleep and he gets active.

Drink Something Cold

This actually works easily as you have a cold drink. Your baby will try to move away from the cold drink because of the change in temperature. This will again not harm your baby in any way as you are just trying to feel the baby move as much as possible. At some instances, this even becomes important as you need to reassure that thr baby is doing well.

Bottom Line

So, your baby movements will surely assure you that he is doing well in your belly. His activity pattern will make you realize what he likes and dislikes. Not feeling any movements should alarm you as a healthy baby is likely to move at least some hours of the day as he will also need to rest.

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