Could Toe Nail Fungus Cause Other Health Complications?

Nail fungus can be caused at any age as yeast and molds infect nails and spread infection. People often ignore toenail fungus as it is not painful and only seems to have a bad appearance.

Toenail fungus should not be ignored as it can have consequences and long term health complications. Potential complications of the nail fungus include pain, the spread of infection, damage to nails, and loss of the nail.

Toeail fungus

Fingernails can also get affected with fungus but toes are more likely to get infected. Also, fungal infection is not fatal for health in most cases, it should be taken seriously if you already have a health disorder such as diabetes. Medications can also make your immune system weak which will cause you to suffer from more infections.

Health Complications Caused by Toenail Fungus

Although serious health dangers are considered fatal for health, toenail fungus can also cause various health complications. These complexities can occur mainly if toenail fungus is left untreated.

Foot Pain

Toenail fungus may affect your feet and cause pain when you wear shoes. Infected toenails can thicken and can get brittle to cause trouble while walking.

Spread of Fungus

The surrounding skin can get affected by the infected toenail fungus which may itch and become red. Wearing shoes and socks all day long with an infected toenail can easily spread the fungus all over the skin and onto the other nails. The condition can also get worse by affecting the genitals.

Widespread Infection

People have weak immune systems when they suffer from chronic health disorders such as diabetes. Diabetes makes it harder for the skin to heal wounds and makes them even more painful. Cracked skin can make way for the bacteria to get in and cause cellulitis. This is another condition that will have to be treated with antibiotics. Cellulitis can also become deadly if left untreated and if it reaches into the bloodstream.

Loss of Nails

Infected toenails with fungus get brittle but do not loosen to be removed from the skin. Traditional treatments are required for nail removal which is permanent and destroys the center and base of nail growth.

How to Treat Symptoms of Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus should not be left untreated even if it does not cause pain. Care and treatment for toenail fungus will prevent the infection from spreading. A doctor may see for signs of fungus by taking a sample of toenail and advise a suitable treatment.

Topical antifungal medicines are often prescribed as the first-line treatment for toenail fungus. The medicines are not known to cause many side effects and can be well tolerated. Toenail fungus that is small and painless will not always spread and can be left untreated if you are okay with the fungal spot. It is still better to have doctors advise if you should opt for treatment or leave it as it is.

Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus can be treated using home remedies if the infection is not severe. Applying Vicks or snakeroot extract can help to treat the fungus with the anti-fungal properties. Oregano oil can be combined with tea tree oil to treat irritation caused by the infection.

Ozonized oils can also prove to be beneficial for treating the toenail fungus as they are infused with gases. Other remedies include vinegar, Listerine, tea tree oil, and grapefruit seed oil for the treatment of fungus. Natural remedies may prove to be more effective in most cases as oral medications should only be used in severe infections. A doctor’s advice may tell you more about what treatment will suit you best.

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