Risks of Eating Junk Foods – How to Avoid them and Choose Healthy Alternatives

What is Junk Food?

Junk food does not have nutritional value which makes it unhealthy. Despite of the fact that such foods do not offer any nutrition for your body, it is popular all around the world. Burgers, pizzas, sodas, candies, sausages, and other processed foods lie in the category of junk foods.

Fast foods or junk foods give you instant energy because of high sugar and fat content. Research has also termed such foods as addictive because the body craves them unnecessarily. Fast foods have more flavor than the ordinary foods which makes them the top choice among teenagers.

What Makes Junk Foods Attractive?

Junk foods are usually advertised as delicious meals on large billboards and television to attract viewers. The fast food restaurants also entice customers with special offers and gifts with the meals.

Why is Junk Food Bad for Health?

Junk foods contain all ingredients that are harmful for health including high sugar content, bad fats, food toppings, and processed substances. Additional sugars have zero nutrition but the foods and aerated drinks look attractive. Almost all fat foods have bad fats as they are mostly fried and contain multiple cheeses.

Moreover, processed substances add to the attractiveness of junk foods but they do not contain any nutrition. Additional salts and sugars have bad impact on health as they affect the digestive system and disrupt the energy levels. Most food toppings including dips over salads are also harmful for health because of their high salt and fat content.

What are the Risks of Having Junk Foods?

As discussed, junk foods have adverse effects on health. Regular consumption of such foods will risk your health by making you more likely to have chronic diseases in near future. Junk foods make you habitual of consuming them regularly as they are addictive.


Obesity is on the rise because of increased consumption of fat foods worldwide. Children and adults have become obese because of their sedentary lifestyle which gets worse when they also consume fatty foods regularly. Obesity makes you lethargic and your body wants more fatty foods for instant energy.


The heart gets affected by the high levels of fatty content of junk foods. Such foods increase cholesterol levels by depositing the fats in the arteries. This will affect your heart health badly and cause your blood pressure to increase. Weak blood circulation will result from poor heart health as the arteries will have fatty deposits not allowing the blood to flow efficiently.

Growth and Development Retardation

The body does not function properly if the food intake consists of high sugars and fats. This is because sugars start to interfere with bones and results in tooth decay whereas the fats start depositing around the stomach, thighs, and hips which is harder to lose later.

Digestion Issues

Processed foods have no nutritional value which makes them junk. Such foods are deprived of their fiber content during the processes which then makes it harder for the body to digest. This may cause constipation as the food takes longer to digest and bowel movements to take place.


Diabetes is the condition that results from high sugar intake and insufficient insulin production by the liver. Junk foods and sodas contain large amounts of sugar which makes the body want more of it every now and then. This impacts the body’s ability to utilize essential sources for energy and instead provides you with instant energy from junk. This has adverse effects on the body as it disrupts liver functioning and more sugar is left in the bloodstream which then increases the blood sugar levels resulting in type 2 diabetes.

Poor Concentration

Junk foods deprive your body of essential nutrition which makes you suffer from fatigue. Your body does not get the vital minerals and vitamins which causes deficiencies and lack of concentration.

Reduced Comprehension Speed

Growing age is the vital phase of life during which the body needs essential nutrients to function properly. Unhealthy foods will not provide you with any nutrition and make your health suffer. Lack of nutrition has shown to reduce the ability to comprehend things well in life. Children and teens suffer from learning difficulties early in life as their body is making them tired and not letting them concentrate on tasks.

Kidney Problems

Increased blood pressure affects the heart adversely which results in poor kidney function. The kidneys retain water when the sodium levels are high in the body. All this happens because of the intake of junk foods which contain excess fat and sugar content.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are affected if the intake of junk foods is regular. Mood swings and depression have been seen in people who consume processed foods more often.


Fast foods provide you instant energy which otherwise do not have any nutrition. Such foods can only satisfy your craving but do not provide source of energy. This ultimately cause fatigue which is why people face lethargy more often nowadays.

Reproductive Health Issues

Hormonal imbalance leads to problems of reproductive system as it depends mainly on the natural hormonal fluctuations throughout life. Healthy diet contributes to healthy hormone levels and unhealthy diet makes a havoc in the brain which becomes incapable of performing optimally. Sugar intake has bad impacts on reproductive health as all the organs malfunction when there is excess glucose in the bloodstream.

How to Eat Healthy?

Healthy eating needs to be encouraged from early life to acknowledge the good and bad impacts of various foods on health. It is very important nowadays to realize how our body reacts if it does not get proper nutrition. There are ways to enjoy healthy eating as it will make you avoid junk foods.

Meals should be enjoyed as a family so it will be easier to eliminate junk from life. Avoid advertisements which make you crave various unhealthy foods altogether. Limit your television time as this will also make you watch less ads. Make your environment healthy and put healthy cooking options in the fridge. Buy whatever you need in the grocery but avoid fast foods.

Cook while having fun in the kitchen and involving family. This will add in interest factor to what the prepared meal will taste like and it will be fun to enjoy the meal together later.

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Foods

Although it is hard to get choose healthy alternatives to junk foods when you are so used to having them in hour routine, it is still possible. Healthy and tasteful options are plenty if you want to try them at home. Junk foods can never take the place of home made meals which are prepared using healthy and safe ingredients.

Even if you choose to add flavors to the food you cook, it will be much better than what you will buy from outside. Home made jelly is an example which will satiate your taste buds and will be healthy too. Brown bread snacks can be a good option too. Granola bars are good enough for filling and providing you with sufficient nutrition. Grilled fish is a healthy alternative to fried fish which you may serve with home made potato chips.

Bottom Line

Cooking in healthy oil is always better than buying junk food from outside as you do not really know what they are using to prepare it. Processed foods may only seem to be attractive because of the packaging and enticing advertising but those are unhygienic foods prepared from unhealthy ingredients and zero nutrition. Try and eat as much healthy foods as you can to save yourself from diseases.

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