Stress Causes Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Stress can trigger several health issues as it disrupts the hormone levels in the body causing troublesome symptoms. Hormonal imbalance is known as the root cause for mood swings, depression, anxiety, and many more health disorders. The symptoms can prolong and can have long lasting effects on health.

Some of the known common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog, memory loss, and urinary incontinence. Other symptoms may also include depression, reduced libido, leg cramps, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness, and night sweats. The symptoms can have various impacts on an individual’s life as changes are not always pleasant.

Why Women have Hormonal Imbalance?

The life cycle brings many changes in a woman’s body as periods come and go by age but stress factor worsens the symptoms even more causing hormonal imbalance from early stage. The root cause of hormonal imbalance is mostly cortisol that is present in excess in women’s bodies.

Women are affected from hormonal imbalances in different aspects of life. A survey concluded that 50% women experienced change in their energy levels, 39% women faced disturbed sex life, 27% women had decreased self esteem, 19% of them felt like a woman, and 18% women felt alienated

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance in Women?

Cortisol hormone is a stress hormone that affects almost all other functions of the body including thyroid and sexual function. The factors that affect the balance vary from a woman to woman. Getting too much exercise, consuming too much sugar, sleep deprivation, excess caffeine or alcohol intake, too much time spent using electronic devices, and having toxic people in life can all impact negatively.

Impact of Diet on a Woman’s Health

Diet has a vital role for making the system healthy. Although there are foods to help healthy funfioning of hormones, stress balance will have more positive impact on your overall well being. Hence, a healthy diet can include all natural sources and avoiding stress triggers such as alcohol, caffeine, flour, and sugar.

Healthy Foods to Keep Hormones in Balance

A hormone balancing diet can be very helpful in maintaining good hormonal health. Herbal teas as well as lemon tea and ginger tea can be highly beneficial in bringing the right balance of hormones in the body. Also, including probiotic foods can balance your gut which is very important for your overall health. Digestion friendly protein should be a part of your meals to help your body digest foods well.

Healthy fats from coconut oil, olive oil, and walnuts can also benefit your health in several ways. Highly processed foods should be avoided at all costs as they will increase inflammation and become a threat for hormones as well. A detoxifier can help to flush the liver which will help to get rid of all toxins from the body to maintain good hormonal health.

Thyroid should be protected by sufficient intake of magnesium and iodine in the diet so that all hormonal work is maintained. Sea food and sea vegetables can help a great deal with these two nutrients. Also, you should take a doctor’s recommendation for keeping your thyroid levels controlled as you may need to take medication also.

Medications for Balancing Hormones

Although doctors treat their patients by changing their unhealthy diet and lifestyle first, there are medications which have to be taken in some cases. Women having severe symptoms of hormonal imbalance should seek a doctor’s advice sooner than later to be safe. The medicines have hormones that are needed to overcome the imbalance but again it is a personal choice.

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