Useful Tips for Getting into Shape after 40

The age of 40 brings many changes in an individual’s body all of a sudden. The muscles get tired more than before and you gain weight easily. The good news is that you can still get back in shape after the age of 40 by adopting a health concious lifestyle. Such a lifestyle will bring physical regime to pump your heart in routine.

Getting in shape is going to boost your self confidence and you may grace any beach you want. There are simple steps to follow which will get you back in shape.

Don’t Opt for Long Cardio Workouts

Yes, you read that right! Long cardio workouts do not work for melting fat as they are of low intensity. Treadmills will only keep your heart rate up not burning calories as they should.

Exercise that triggers post exercise oxygen consumption is what you need to burn calories even after you stop exercising.

Do Some HIIT

High intensity interval training is intense exercise known to be more effective than any other types of exercises and reduce abdominal fats. Adults indulging in HIIT regime will be able to experiencing same benefits as people under the age of 30.

Give Your Body Time to Recover

Recovery time is very important as it allows the body to refuel. High intensity exercises should be done for shorter time periods and recovery time should be the key to make the most of the regime.

Walk 10,000 Steps Daily

Walking regularly keeps your cardiovascular health optimal and it is recommended to take 10,000 steps a day. Although the number is ideal, you should still try to walk as much as you can each day. Break up your strolls and take 3 walks each of 10 minutes to make your targets approachable.

Plan Your Routine

A healthy routine will make sure you eat right and exercise well in order to boost your metabolism.

Plan According to your Body Type

Your body type will help you understand what your body needs. Plan a strategy that works well for your type in order to reap most benefits.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the ideal fluid should be drinking to stay hydrated. Water intake can help with digestion and allow healthy absorption of nutrients.

Balance Low and High Intensity Workouts

Keeping a balance between low and high impact exercises will work wonders for your body. For example, you may strain your muscles and joints by running continuously.

Therefore, it is convenient and more beneficial to jog for a few minutes and may be ride a bicycle for the rest of your time. This will strengthen your bones and joints. Also, try to take breaks in between your exercise to assist with fat burn.

Sleep Well

Getting sufficient night sleep of 7 to 9 hours will help boost your brain function. A good sleep has shown positive effects on the body as it regains strength and power to start the following day.

Add Protein in Every Meal

Protein helps to build muscle fiber and helps in muscle recovery. Optimizing your meals with protein is the best way to eat well during your exercise regime.

Include Carbs For One Meal of the Day

Carbs are important for providing you with energy but the sources should be healthy. Try to choose whole wheat options and oats, and quinoa for maximum benefits.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Fiber is essential part of a healthy diet as it makes you feel full for longer. It will also help in digestion process.

Avoid Cocktails

It is recommended to ditch cocktails as they have zero nutrition and will only pack up calories. It is better to opt for fresh juices.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to achieving your healthy weight targets. It gets harder for your body to regain the momentum as you age which makes it more important to stick to your goals and consistently try to workout to maintain stamina.

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