Lemons – Nutritional Facts and Benefits

Lemons are highly nutritious as they provide the body with several nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber,and other minerals. They have significant health benefits as they are good for the heart and lower cholesterol.

Lemons are among the popular citrus fruits that are enjoyed in various ways. This yellow fruit is healthy and bright as it lowers the risk of many chronic diseases.

Nutritional Value of Lemons

Lemons are mainly carbs and water with only few proteins and fats. It is therefore an ideal food for weight loss and many other health benefits.

A half cup or 100 grams of raw lemon contains 29 calories, 89% water, 9.3g carbs, 2.5g sugar, 1.1g protein, 28g fiber, and 0.3g fat.

Lemons contain soluble fibers which slow down digestion of sugar and starch in the body and are therefore listed as good food for weight loss. Also, pectin can lower blood sugar levels.

Vitamins, Minerals and Plant Compounds in Lemons

Vitamins and minerals are important for maintaining a healthy immune system as they boost the organ functioning with nutrition. Plant compounds are also highly beneficial for health as they are naturally bioactive. They reduce inflammation and have numerous benefits for heart healthand cancer prevention.

Vitamin C

Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system. It is an antioxidant which is also good for the skin.


Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure and has positive impact on heart health.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin converts food into energy and is beneficial for overall wellbeing.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is found in abundance in lemons so as to prevent kidney stone formation.


This is an antioxidant known for strengthening the blood vessels and preventing fatty deposits in arteries.


It is good for improving muscle tone and reducing inflammation in blood vessels.


This is another antioxidant in lemon peel and juice.

D- limonene

It is responsible for the strong aroma of lemons and is mainly found in peel. It can relive heartburn and stomach reflux. Also, essential oils are made to make advantage this compound’s aromatic properties.

What are Health Benefits of Lemons?

It is always recommended to eat fruits in their whole form as their peels and fiber benefits your overall health in numerous ways.

Improves Heart Health

Citrus fruits have benefits for heart health as they help in reducing blood pressure levels. Also, fiber helps in lowering cholesterol levels and plant compounds have benefits for the heart as well.

Prevents Kidney Stones

Studies have suggested that lemon juice can be beneficial for preventing kidney stones. However, there is not much evidence to prove their effectiveness for the kidneys.

Prevents Anemia

Anemia is caused by iron deficiency and can adverse effects on health. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and therefore lemons can be good for anemic patients.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

The plant compounds can help to prevent many types of cancers including breast cancer.

Boosts Metabolism

Lemons are known to be metabolism boosters which is why they are often included in weight loss diet plans. Weight watchers find lemons an effective way to burn fat along with their exercise regime.

Controls Weight

Lemons can make weight loss rapid by burning fats which can help you maintain healthy weight.

Improves Digestion

Digestion of sugar and starch is slowed down which again helps in the overall digestion process. Overall, lemons are good for enhancing the overall immune system.

Are there any Side Effects of Lemons?

Apart from the numerous health benefits of lemons, they can also cause side effects in some people. People may have allergic reactions to lemons which may cause skin irritation. Also, lemons can cause further damage to teeth as they are highly acidic in nature.

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