One Line Pregnancy Test – Know The Causes and When to Retest for Accuracy?

Pregnancy test manufacturers claim accurate results if the test is done correctly. Most women hurry in taking up a test which results in a false negative.

Although many tests claim pregnancy detection as early as 5 days before a missed period, it is still recommended to wait and retest until you have missed your period or even after 5 to 10 days later. Pregnancy test kits have the instructions mentioned on the pack which are usually easy to follow.

What is a One Line Pregnancy Test?

A one line pregnancy test indicates that the test is negative and conception has not taken place. However, a missed period may still be early to detect the hCG hormone levels in some cases and a retest can confirm the result.

One line pregnancy test may either mean that the pregnancy test strip is not able to detect the small levels of hCG hormone or the test has not been done correctly. Never be disheartened as there may still be a chance of being pregnant.

How to Read One Line Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy test manufacturers label their packs with all the steps to follow. The steps will also indicate the meaning of the test results. One line usually means that pregnancy has not taken place and the test is negative.

One line is an indicator of negative pregnancy and a retest should still be taken in order to confirm the result. You should also retest after a week or so if you do not get your periods still.

A pregnancy test strip may also take some time to show the second line which indicates that the test is positive and you are pregnant! So, it is better to wait until you are satisfied with the result.

The hCG hormone can take time to have detectable levels in the urine sometimes which is why it is recommended to wait at least until you have had missed your period.

Different types of Pregnancy Tests

There are traditional and digital pregnancy tests available which will give you almost the same results most of the time. However, digital pregnancy testsdigital pregnancy tests are said to be more accurate than the traditional pregnancy strips.

The digital pregnancy tests are pen shaped instruments which may give you the result more clearly and in an easy to read form. The result may be in fom of a negative and positive or saying that your are pregnant or not pregnant. Either way, you should know what the label pack mentions.

Should I Retest After One Line Pregnancy Test?

Yes, it is always recommended to retest for pregnancy after a few days to assure confirmed result. A missed period can have various reasons if you are not pregnant and you should see a doctor to figure what has gone wrong although having one or two late periods a year are not anything to worry about. Retesting for pregnancy makes sure that the steps are followed correctly and also the timing is correct.

What Can Cause a Late Period?

After you get a one line pregnancy test result, you may want to think what went wrong during the cycle. There may be obvious reasons for your missed period including emotional or physical stress.

Stress accounts for your overall health as the hormones are put to a havoc if you have higher stress levels. Once or twice a year is okay to have late periods but you should figure out the reason if this happens more often.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another common reason women struggle with during their reproductive age. The condition is only manageable through a healthy lifestyle and make women even more stressed when they are unable to cope with it.

In any case, stress will never do any good fror your body and make problems worse. Try to indulge in activities that calm your nerves when you feel stressed or talk your heart out to someone so you may feel better.

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