What Brands need to be Careful About Trending CBD and its Uses?


The CBD trend is blooming all around the world as brands and marketers have started showing up CBD in makeup, beverages, food, and medicine.

There is CBD in everything now and even the large scale companies are considering to launch CBD products very soon after the small marketers.

Baked goods, sparkling water, and many beauty brands started the trend of using CBD as an ingredient which has now become common and even more brands want CBD containing products to be advertised for promoting their names.

How has that been beneficial to the world is still a controversy as the brands need to be more concious about marketing CBD products so openly.

The brands including Chloe, Recess, and Milk makeup followed the latest fad and brought their CBD containing products into the market to gain more popularity among customers. Now, the Coca Cola company is in talks about launching a beverage with CBD in it.

However, the decisions are still being made as the product is to be launched without thc in it. Eliminating thc from the scene will make the product safe as it is said to cause a high state of mind.

Another fast food chain will be launching a beverage containing CBD and is going to be the first one to do so among its competitors. Star Bucks is the name Planning to speculate its customers with the news soon. Barneys, the much known name is also planning to open a CBD store which will be luxurious.

Cbd product brands

Keeping all these brands in mind, the marketplace is already exploding with CBD and marketers are very keen to gain their customers attention via the new hemp product. What these brands need to be careful about are the claims they make through their newly launched CBD containing products.

Maintaining Transparency with Customers

Transparency is the key to be maintained to retain customer value and positive feedback with them. The customers would always want a clear picture about the product and its effectiveness as rapid fire spreading news is very common in the world of internet nowadays. Nothing can be hidden and this is very important to maintain good reputation with the customers.

So far, transparency has been an issue for customers as the companies mostly fail to explain how the new hemp ingredient is safe and effective unlike other psychoactive compounds of the same hemp plant. This has been a controversy since CBD came into being and THC was compared with it.

The brands should make sure they are guaranteeing their customers with the quantities of CBD being used in their products and also that those are free from THC. While CBD has been proved for health benefits, it is still questioned as long term effects are not known.

How do Websites Vet New Products?

Websites such as customers reports can help the customers vet new products containing CBD as a new ingredient. No one should be fooled by the beautiful packaging and branding labels on yhe outside as the truth behind any company’s claims is soon revealed. And the truth that comes upfront in this way will never prove beneficial for any company.

Try to stay as clean and clear when experimenting with new CBD products as this is the only way to gain trust of yor customers. No company will want to burn their customers and ruin their image with false claims.

Federal Drug Administration Warns Companies

The FDA sent letters to 12 companies as a warning for their false claims. Their products either did not contain CBD in it or they were not as effective as they said it would be.

Lack of evidence to prove the claims made based on CBD is also the reason why FDA warns companies most of the time. Clearly, transparency is the key to maintain a good reputation in the marketplace and in the heart of customers.

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