27 Baby Gender Revealing Tests During Pregnancy – How Do Old Wives Prediction Methods Work?

These are some gender revealing tests you can do yourself at home if you are anxious to know whether you are having a boy or a girl. The tests are fun and you can at least try and see how many of them work for you.

Gender test at home

The Baking Soda Test – Fizz or no Fizz?

Who hasn’t still heard of the baking soda in pregnancy. This is the most common test women do to find if they are having a boy or a girl. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of urine and see if it fizzes. Fizzing means a boy and it is a girl if there is no fizzing or bubbles popping up.

The Palm Test

The face of your palms put up when some one asks you to show them can also reveal the gender of gour baby at times. Well, there must be some truth id the old wives tales have come so far along. Putting up palms facing up means a girl and putting the palms facing down means a boy.

The Breast Test

If your left breast is bigger than the right one, you are most likely to have a girl. If the right breast is bigger than your left one, you will be having a boy.

The Garlic Test

Have you ever wondered how garlic can give you a hint about the gender of you baby. The trick works as old wives had a sense of telling useful tips for us to try now even after years. Eating a clove of garlic and not smelling of it gives a hint that you must be having a girl while smelling seeps of garlic gives a hint that you may have a boy.

Favourite Sleeping Side – Left or Right?

Now this one is interesting as your sleeping side can also reveal what gender will your baby most likely be. If you sleep on your right side, you are having a girl. If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you are likely to have a boy.

The Skull Theory

You must have had an ultrasound and still not know about the gender of your baby or it can be even more fun if you already know it and just want to try out some tests for fun. The skull theory says that a tapered head with a rounded jaw means a girl whereas a sloping forehead with squared jaw means a boy.

The Blooming Test

If you have been blooming throughout pregnancy, you may be having a boy. If you know about that phase you just passed and are still thinking how exhausting it was, a girl is on her way.

The Mirror Test – What Does the Mirror tell You?

How about a mirror telling you about your baby’s gender? Ever thought how is that even possible? Well, it is just a game and you may try it for yourself to see if it really works. Look into the mirror for about one minutes and see if your pupils dilate or not. Dilating pupils mean you are having a boy and if they do not dilate, it means you may have a girl.

Skin Softness Test

Super soft skin can indicate that you are having a girl whereas dry skin shows you may have a boy.

Glossy Hair Test

Has your hair become glossy with a fuller and thicker look than before? You are having a boy if that is the case. Thinner amd dry looking hair means you are having a girl.

Hairy Body Test – Is your Hair Growing Faster?

Is your hair growing faster than usual? You are having a boy if you see hairy legs and arms more often than you used to before. A girl will not make you look hairy usually which is why this test goes this way.

What did your Previous Child Call First – Mama or Dada?

This one is for you if have a child already. What did he say first mama or dada? In case of mama, it will be a girl and if your child called out for his dad first, it will be a boy.

Have You Been Suffering from Frequent Headaches?

Frequent headaches can be really annoying as you may not want to take medicines during pregnancy. Did you have them often during pregnancy? If yes, you are likely to have a boy. Start shopping for a boy as you await his arrival.

The Pendulum Test – To and Fro or Circular Movement?

This is the most interesting gender revealing test which people find it as a fun activity to try. Place a pendulum over the belly od a pregnancy woman and see if it moves to and fro or in a circular motion. Surprised? Well, it actually moves without moving your fingers deliberately which remains a mystery as how does it actually happen.

The to and fro motion says it is a girl and the circular motion tells that it is a boy. Try this out on your own palm and see for the moving direction and you will know what to expect.

The Red Cabbage Test

Boil some red cabbage and mix urine with it to see if the color changes. Red color indicates a boy and it is a girl if the color remains the same.

The Baby Dance – Is it Towards Left or Right Side?

If your baby kicks you more on the left, it is a boy and if it kicks you more on the right, it is a girl.

The Urine Test – Dark or Pale in color?

Have you checked for the color of your urine recently? A bright yellow colored wee meansyour boy is on his way whereas a pale colored wee means it will be a girl.

Pillow Direction Test – North or South?

This one might just make you wonder how can this be even true? The pillow facing north means you might have a boy while a pillow facing south means a girl. Try this next time you sleep and see doe the direction of your pillow.

How Fast is your Baby’s Heartbeat?

Your baby has a heartbeat in the range of 120 to 160 which should be regular. The old wives tales say thay the heartbeat can reveal about the gender of your baby. A heartbeat lower than 140 beats per minute can indicate it is a boy while higher than that is a girl.

Have you been Craving Sweet or Savory?

The cravings during pregnancy are real and most women have them. Old wives say that sweet cravings are a sign of a girl and savory cravings are a sign of a boy.

Boobs Growth Test

Have you wondered how your boobs are growing during pregnancy? See for the size difference and you will know what are they indicating. Bigger boobs means a girl is on her way and it will be a boy if the boobs have not grown much.

How Aggressive were you at Conception?

You are having a boy if you were aggressive and a girl if you were not. Well, this makes sense.

How Does Your Skin Look?

Has your skin got the extra smoothness during pregnancy? You may have a boy if it looks better and a girl if you have been having acne breakouts throughout the period.

Did you Have Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is a common symptom od pregnancy everyone relates to. Some women have more of it whereas others do not have it at all. Morning sickness in the first trimester means you are having a girl and if you have been lucky to have not suffered any sickness, you may be having a boy.

Are You Carrying High or Low?

Carrying low means you are having a boy and carrying high means it will be a girl. Look for the shape of your bump to have an idea about what it tells you about the gender. You can at least make guesses based on the old wives tales. The conception age is used for make prediction about having a boy or a girl.

Chinese Calender – What does your conception age tell you?

The ancient Chinese calender has been used since a very long time. The accuracy rate is high but you may still want to be assured by using other ways as it may also go wrong at times.

The Key Test

This one is another test which may be fun to try as it does not take much of your time. Try putting a key in front of your pregnant friend and ask her to pick it up. She is having a girl if she picks it up from the narrow part and a boy if she picks up from the circular part.

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