Summer Fruits to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension is a common ailment that constantly raises blood pressure levels. The condition makes the blood flow abnormal which then requires monitoring and treatment.

Highlighting the importance of summer fruits for lowering blood pressure is the main point here. Dietary changes and healthy lifestyle can both help in maintaining good overall health.

Hypertension patients are often advised to adopt a healthy diet which contains low salt and oil content. Moreover, medications and good dietary choices remain dominant for maintaining good health with hypertension.

How Bad is Salt and Oil for Hypertension?

Hypertension is directly affected by salt and oil intake. Salty foods as well as oily foods tend to block smooth flow of blood and therefore the blood vessels get strained.

Potassium is the way out for making the blood vessels relaxed. Therefore, people having blood pressure are advised to take more foods that are rich in potassium. Sodium is the enemy of blood vessels as it puts strain on them and affects the blood flow adversely. Hypertensive patients are therefore advised to avoid all such sources of sodium and oil.

Summer Fruits to Lower Blood Pressure Levels Naturally

As summers have already taken over, let us have a look at the fruits it has to offer which can be beneficial for lowering blood pressure levels. Managing high blood pressure is not difficult if you make the right choices and act wise.

Water melon

Watermelon is a summer fruit most of us love to eat. It gives that natural cooling effect and is a rich source of lycopene. Also, Vitamin C, beta carotene, and potassium are found in watermelons which are all good for your heart health.

It is a fruit that can help in boosting your heart health and also keep blood pressure spikes under control.


Kiwi is a healthy source of vital nutrients and minerals for the body. It has several benefits for overall immunity, digestion, and skin. It also contains fiber and folate and is a good way of keeping blood pressure levels low.

Overall, kiwis are a healthy addition to your diet and you may enjoy it in different ways.


Foods that are low in sodium content are considered healthy for high blood pressure patients. Bananas are a healthy source of good carbs and contain water.

They can prevent blood pressure levels from raising because they are rich in potassium. Studies have shown that ripe bananas can help in decreasing blood pressure levels effectively.


The delightful strawberries can cheer anyone who loves their tangy and fresh flavor. Having antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, strawberries are heart friendly and a rich source of vitamin C.

Also, strawberries are rich in potassium which makes it even more good for the heart and keep blood pressure levels stable.


Fresh and pulpy mango is a much awaited fruit in summers. It is good for the heart with potassium in it. Eating mangoes in moderation can prove to be beneficial for your overall health. However, excessive intake of mangoes can heat up the body and be harmful in many ways.

Bottom Line

Nothing can beat the realness of fresh fruits as they have all nutrients for the body. They can have a positive impact on your blood pressure levels if you include them in moderation. Nature has provided us with everything and it is up to us how we make use of it. Try to eat as healthy as you can to reap the benefits of nature.

Khadija Ahmad

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