Essential Oils – Are they Safe During Pregnancy?

Essential oils may be a relief for pregnant women as they experience several symptoms of discomfort throughout the phase. Some of the essential oils are probably safe if the quality is assured.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrates extracts from plants that are used in aromatherapy for their health benefits. There are chemicals in such oils which can be absorbed into the skin for having maximum benefits for your skin and overall health.

The oils can be dilutes with another lighter base oil for a massage. Also, people use them for inhaling purpose through a vaporizer.

What can Essential Oils do?

Essential oils contain very small molecules that can penetrate into the skin and work just like medicines and drugs internally. Essential oils should be taken care of during pregnancy as all of them are not considered completely safe. It is also possible that these oils penetrate the placenta and reach your baby to affect in various ways.

There is not much evidence available to see whether essential oils affect the growing baby in the womb but precaution is always better. Essential oils are thought of as a relief for pregnancy symptoms as it eases niggles such as backaches, nausea, and swollen ankles.

Precautions of Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Essential oils are concentrated and anything like this can be doubtful for use in pregnancy. Certain precautions should be taken if a pregnant woman still wishes to use such oils and finds a way of comfort by using them.

  1. Use only a drop at a time as such oils are high in concentration.
  2. Do not use one oil regularly as your body will get used to it and certain reactions may take place.
  3. Use the essential oil in diluted form by mixing it with a base oil and then applying it onto the skin.
  4. Try not to use such oils for longer durations in vaporizers as the over powering smell can make you feel nauseous.
  5. Essential oils should be avoided altogether in the first trimester as that time is crucial for the development of fetus. The growing baby can be affected by the essential oils if it interferes with the baby’s circulation.

Safe Essential Oils In Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and you need to have assurance by a doctor that your pregnancy is free from any complications. Some oils are generally considered safe for use in pregnancy including citrus oil, common lavender, black pepper, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, ylang ylang, cypress, tea tree oil, bergamot, geranium, and spearmint.

Essential Oils to Avoid in Pregnancy

There are oils that are not considered safe for use during pregnancy. Such oils include nutmeg, basil, rosemary, jasmine, sage, rose, juniper berry, and clary sage. Some others can also interfere with the ongoing pregnancy and bring on contractions earlier such as cinnamon leaf, thyme, cumin, aniseed, laurel, and angelica.

Nutmeg is avoided because of its hallucinogenic effects whereas rosemary and jasmine can cause early contractions bringing on labor. Sage and rose are also strictly avoided as they may cause bleeding.

Be Safe and Avoid Essential Oils Altogether if You Have Complications

It is a common thought that essential oils should be avoided at all costs if the pregnancy has complications or you have had previous miscarriage. Having had vaginal bleeding is also the reason why you should stay away from such oils.

Other conditions restricting the use of such oils are epilepsy, heart problems, thyroid, kidney disease, and diabetes. Whatever the case is, you should always consult your doctor first and then decide whether you should use these oils or not.

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