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10 Effective Ways to Boost Fertility In Men

Fertility issues have grown since the past decade mainly because of unhealthy lifestyle and lack of nutrition. Infertility is not always treatable but it can improved by supporting the system with different lifestyle strategies. Fertility is the measure of one’s ability to reproduce without assistance.

So, what are the main factors responsible for bringing a change in male fertility? Poor male fertility hinders the chances of conception for the female partner. The quality of his sperms then come under spotlight if they are lacking proper shape or moving ability.

10 Effective Ways to Boost Sperm’s Health

We have already discussed the factors in Male Infertility Guide. Now, we will be highlighting the importance of sperm quality and ways to boost sperm health through nutrition and supplements. The methods are science based and are proven effective in improving male’s fertility.

Dietary Supplement – D-Aspartic Acid for Sperm Health

D-Aspartic Acid is known for improving male fertility as it has amino acids. It can improve testosterone levels in men which can overcome infertility. It is also seen that infertile men have lower levels of this acis as compared to fertile men.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is good for overall health and improving fertility is no different in this case. Regular physical activity has shown increased levels of testosterone levels in men but excessive activity should be avoided as that may do more harm instead of improvement.

Role of Vitamin C

Antioxidants have been observed to show improvements in semen quality. Vitamin C helps to counteract the harmful effects of oxidative stress in men. Vitamin C helps in reducing the sperm deformities and therefore is good for giving strength to the sperms.

Minimize Stress and See the Difference

Stress is known to have detrimental effects on your overall health including fertility and sexual satisfaction. Prolonged levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone can impair testosterone levels in the body having several negative effects. Mild forms of anxiety only need to be treated with relaxation techniques which can also help alleviate fertility in both men and women.

Vitamin D can Help Improve Sperm and Overall Fertility

Vitamin D deficiency is also linked with decreased fertility in men and therefore it is important to take supplements to overcome it. Sperm motility is improved by taking vitamin D supplements and it is recommended to have the levels checked if you are having fertility issues.

Tribulus Terrestris – Improves Fertility in Men

The medicinal herb is well known for the beneficial effects on enhancing male fertility. The herb is also good for improving libido function and erectile dysfunction. The properties makes the herb an active ingredient of male fertility enhancing supplements.

Role of Fenugreek Supplements

Fenugreek extract is popular for strengthening male’s immune system by improving testosterone levels. The supplement has shown positive results by improving libido and sexual performance.

Zinc – Good for Sperm Health

Zinc is essential for male fertility as it helps to improve sperm quality and increase testosterone levels. Zin supplements can help overcome this deficiency.

Ashwagandha – Try for boosting Sperm Quality

This is a medicinal herb used commonly in India to boost sperm health. It has many benefits and can be used to improve male fertility.

Maca Root – Herb to Boost Male’s Fertility

Eating maca root can enhance male fertility by increasing libido and sexual desire. It is an ingredient of most herbal supplements used for treating male infertility.

Bottom Line

There ate many strategies to improve fertility in men depending on the cause. Many factors play their role in deciding whether the strategy will work or not. Try to live and eat healthy to avoid as many health problems as possible. This will be the first and foremmost step in improving your overall health.

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