All You Want to Know About Spotting After Losing Virginity

What Causes Bleeding after Sex?

It can be distressing to see blood after having particularly if your period is not due. Post coital bleeding can occur without any serious concerns because of various reasons.

Gynecologists ask questions regarding the pain, color, duration, and timing to determine the exact cause of bleeding in relation with intercourse. Such bleeding is usually not related to menstruation and is therefore carefully examined to know if it is of any harm or not.

There are several causes of having bleeding after sex. Some are painful and some are painless and it is necessary to get a check up if you experience heavy, painful or continuous bleeding. First time sex is known to cause hymen breaking which will be further discussed in this article.

How Does Hymen Break?

Hymen is a thin layer of skin covering the vaginal entrance partially. Although hymen can break during other activities other than sex which may strain the delicate hymen wall such as horse riding and using tampons. It is not necessary that a woman knows when her hymen may have broken as it does not always cause bleeding that may be noticed.

The breaking of hymen is often termed as losing virginity as it is the most common symptom particularly if it happens after having intercourse. Unbroken hymen was once thought of as a proof that the woman has not had sex before although hymen breaking is not just limited to having sex.

Biking, gymnastics, and fingering can also cause the hymen to break. Hymen is just like a tissue paper that can tear or rub away to break the line. The hymen is located 2 cm inside the vaginal opening and cannot be pinpointed if you are not sure how it looks and where will it be.

So, generally there is no way to prove virginity because it is more than just the hymen breaking.

Is Spotting Normal after Losing Virginity?

Not all women bleed after having sex for the first time although it is very common to have some spotting as the hymen stretches with penetration. The spotting may last for a couple of days depending on how the hymenal tissue is expelled.

A health care provider will be able to guide you better if you are really concerned about the bleeding and how ling it will last. Usually, the spotting after losing virginity does not cause any harm and is very common. It stops by itself after the tissue has been removed fully and there is a clear passage for penetrative sex.

How Much Will I Bleed After First Sex?

It usually takes a couple of days for the bleeding to stop if it is because of hymen defloration. It should not last longer than that as then it becomes a cause for concern for which you will have to get yourself checked.

Possible reasons for the bleeding to continue longer than usual are tears from penetrative sex or may be you are having your period.

Is it Possible to Regain Virginity after Losing it?

There are different opinions where some people believe that virginity can be regained if some one has not had sex for 7 years but that is not true. Once you lose your virginity, there is no way of regaining it back. So, it is better to think before going for the deed if you are still not ready for losing it.

Virginity is lost as soon as a person has sex. It can not only be limited to vaginal sex and hymen breaking.

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