Interesting Facts about Your Digestive System


The digestion system functions to coomand organs to break down food into nutrients for your optimal health. It works smartly to signal gastrointestinal tract in many ways to make the foods digest well.

The digestive system can also be said to work in a complex way as it is a mini brain that makes you sustain. The digestive system is large and therefore it is expected to struggle with diseases and disorders.

Here are some interesting facts about the brain you will be interested in learning about.

10 Organs of the Digestive System

The salivary glands are the first organ to take control of digestion as they start producing saliva that is rich in an enzyme. This enzyme rich saliva is produced when your body anticipates that it is going to break down starches.

The other organs involved in the digestion of foods include pharynx, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, and rectum.

All these organs work together to proceed digestion efficiently. Malfunctioning of even one of the organs will affect your bowel movements.

Digestive System has a Nervous System

An amazing fact about the digestive system is that it functions through nervous system but still has an independent functioning.

The neurons and neurotransmitters contained in the gastrointestinal tract make the digestive system seem like the second brain of human body.

The nervous system senses food and produces hormones as a result so as to control the gut function. The neurons can therefore signal the brain about discomfort in the intestine.

Your Nervousness or Stress Affects Digestive System

Have you felt butterflies in your stomach in stress? Yes! Nervousness and anxiety are the most common reason to cause havoc in your digestive system and this can be explained well why it is called as the second brain.

This can be a change in your bowel movements as the gastrointestinal tract receives signals abut discomfort. It is not clear why stress affects bowel habits but some people will experience it more because of sensitivity.

The Digestive System is the Reason why Beans Make Your Gassy

The complex carbohydrates have a hard time struggling with digestion as they do not get absorbed readily. The digestive system is still smart enough to make use of bacteria from the intestinal tract for breaking down food. These bacteria can cause gas which is usually not to be concerned about.

The Digestive System Has a Contact with Environment

The environment affects how your digestion system works as the things we ingest and even swallow from the air. These ingested particles come directly in contact with the intestine lining.

The Cause of IBS Digestive Disorder is Unknown

Digestive disorders occur commonly but the cause is often unknown just like for IBS. However, the lining of the intestine must have a relation as the muscles contract when food passes through the walls. Diarrhea, gas, and bloating is also caused as a result of these contractions becoming longer and stronger.

Ever Thought why Coffee Makes You Poop?

Foods having laxative effect can make vowel movements faster. Coffee works by stimulating the large intestine muscles after a few minutes of drinking it.

Waiting for 30 Minutes to Swim After Eating is not Necessary

It is said that eating large meals can increase the risk of drowning which is actually not true. Although eating can divert some blood flow to the digestive system, it cannot weaken your arms or legs.

Eating While Lying Down was Only for Ancient Greek and Roman People

Eating was preferred while lying down in ancient times only but now it leads to increased reflux disease risk.

Yes! Even Cows can Eat While Lying Down

Cattle does not have to chew up their grassy food much as they can also lie down after they are full. Their food is well digested by the microorganisms.

The Digestive System Has Nothing to do With Gravity

The digestive system has no relation with gravity and therefore it is useless to say if it really affects how food is being digested based on how you lie. This can also be said as digestion is not based on how physics work.

The process takes place as the muscles contract and move food particles forward. How would the astronauts even digest food if it was gravity to make that happen. Space has zero gravity and they still manage to digest food.

Every Species Has Different Digestive System

Every species has a different digestive system depending on how their system needs to work. Some animals have faster digestion systems while others have slower ones.

Some have stomach as a part of the system whereas some will have their food transported directly into the intestines.

Sloths are an example of slow digestion animals who take a month to digest their single meal. This is the reason why they conserve energy and move less as tactics of survival.

Your Stomach Does Not Do Much of the Work for Digestion

So, you may have been thinking all your life about most of the digestion taking place in your stomach. That is not the case. As discussed earlier, many other organs of the digestive system are responsible for performing different tasks of digesting food particles.

Although little chemical digestion takes place in the stomach, a lot of work still is done by other organs. Therefore, the small intestines take over most of the digestion by absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream.

The Small Intestine is the Largest Part of Your Digestive System

The surface area of the small intestines is larger than any other organ involved in digestion. The size will make you wonder about how does it even fit within a human.

The 7 meters long small intestine has a surface area of around 2700 square feet. The length can be justified by the numberof folds in the small intestine making it possible to fit inside.

Flatulence is Caused by Bacteria
While there is no doubt about the smelly gas coming from the fermentation of bacteria in the digestive tract, the main reason for gas is undigested food components that move into the large intestine directly without break down. Flatulence gets the smell from the gases released during the process and that is what causes inconvenience.

You Can Get Cancer of the Digestive Tract

The digestive system is prone to cancers which may also result in death.

Your Stomach May Rumble Anytime

So, this clarifies that the rumbling does not only happen because you feel hungry. Food, gases, and fluid pass through the digestive tract, you may experience your stomach rumble.

An empty stomach makes more sound as there is nothing inside that can muffle the growling sound. The muscles of stomach still contract to ensure that it has been emptied fully and the leftovers are transported to the intestine. The rumbling and growls signal your brain to have something to eat as you starting feeling hungry.

Bottom Line

The digestive system is more than you have ever thought about. It has complex functions with several organs working together to make the digestion process complete. Every organ has its role and digestion cannot take place even if one of them does not function properly.

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