Onions – Good for Summer Heat and Blood Sugar Regulation


Certain foods are useful in maintaining the diabetic condition as they do not allow abnormal spikes in the blood sugar levels. Onion is one of those foods that has been proved beneficial for diabetic people particularly when consumed in summers.

Diabetes is a condition which does not allow normal processing of blood sugar levels which results in excessive glucose levels.

Diabetes has some common symptoms which should be examined if you doubt that you may have increased blood sugar levels. The symptoms include fatigue, increased thirst, frequent urination, and blurred vision.

Diabetics need to take extra care about what they eat as some foods may not be suitable for them. However, fiber rich foods have the ability to slow down sugar release just like low glycemic foods.

How is Onion Beneficial in Summers?

Onions are a common part of tha Asian cuisine as it is the main ingredient in most curries and rice. It is also used as a side in the form of salads, pickles, or even chutneys. While there are several benefits obtained from onions, there are some to avail particularly in summers.

Onions stop the release of histamine which is an allergen that may cause rash in heat. Preventing rashes on skin and fighting allergies and inflammation is what onions can do for your body if consumed in hot weather. Flavonoids play the role here and onions have plenty of them.

Moreover, onions can be highly beneficial for hair growth. They can boost the health of your skin and fight symptoms of heat stroke. Onions can be consumed in the form of juice to beat the heat in summers.

The juice can also be used externally to soothe the burns from sun. Onions are good for your digestive system as they are a rich source of fiber. They help increase the production of bacteria that is friendly for your gut and overall immune system.

What is the Role of Quercitin in Diabetes?

Quercetin is known to be the compound useful for regulating blood sugar levels. A study showed that Quercitin supplements significantly lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic patients after regularly taking them for 8 weeks. The metabolic syndrome patients have benefitted greatly from this compound.

Sulphur in Onions

Onions have quercitin and sulphur to help fight diabetes as both the compounds as beneficial for the condition. Sulphur is known to be the building block of hair. Sulphur is what gives onions a unique flavor and makes them have the properties for fighting cancer too.

How to Include Onions in your Diet?

Onions may or may not be your all time favorite ingredient but knowing the benefits will certainly make you want to use it regularly. Res onions should be used as a part of salads, porridges, sandwiches, curries, and rice dishes.

People prone to food allergies should consult a dietician before making any changes to your diet. Pregnant women should also avoid excess consumption of onions as they may exacerbate heartburn. Moderation is never harmful but you should take care when consuming any particular foods in excess while you are pregnant.

Onions are perfect addition to your meals whether used in their raw or cooked form. Caramelized onions is a variation you can add to your baked dishes. You may also use them as a base for soups by combining with garlic.

They are even good for making salsas and home made dressings. The versatality of onions will never let you fall short of ideas for using them in dishes. This nutrient packed vegetable heightens the flavor of any dish you want.

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