Signs Showing that Keto Diet is not Working for you


Some people prefer ketogenic diet over other diet plans as it makes them energized and favors their body well. They thrive on this diet losing weight without much struggle and having minimal side effects.

The fact remain still remains that not all people can benefit from the keto diet as it is simply not meant for them.

Deciding on whether keto is working for you or not may depend on various factors such as energy levels and blood work. Look for the following signs indicating that keto is not working the way it should.

You are Simply Not Losing Weight

Ketogenic diet is all about shifting the body’s energy source to fats which makes you lose weight. Not being able to lose even a pound each week on the keto diet is a clear sign that it is not working for you.

Keto makes you consume a lot of calories as fats have higher calorie content. Still, you should first try to modify your calorie intake by fasting intermittently. Try this and see if the scale is moving for your good.

You are an Athlete and Your Body Needs Glucose to Perform Better

Carbohydrates have always been the primary source for performing better at athletics. Numerous studies have proved the fact that an athlete can perform better if he consumes carbohydrates in the diet as it is the only macronutrient that breaks down efficiently in the body to provide energy.

Therefore, including nutrient dense carbs in the diet can help sustain high intensity exercises. Sweet potatoes is a perfect example. This clarifies that there is no need to include the zero nutrient glazed doughnuts or any sug foods for having carbohydrates.

Sticking to Keto is a Misery

Some people may find it as a challenge to stay on keto diet in social gatherings. This happens when you get stared on asking for a high fat meal or extra fat dressing at a restaurant.

These social limitations can put you off the track and you should then find a more sustainable plan for yourself.

Eating So Much Fat Makes you Hurl

The estimated amount of fat included in the keto diet is around 80% – 90% which will definitely make you wonder how is that even possible to consume so much for weight loss.

It should be understood that this much fat cannot be handled by everybody as they do better on diets containing more protein and healthy carbohydrates.

The Keto Side Effects do Not Go Away

Symptoms of the keto flu can be common in early days of starting keto diet but they should go away with time. Nausea, vomiting, bathroom visits, and constipation are all side effects which may become a red flag if they do not go away within a few weeks.

Bottom Line

Since keto has several health benefits from losing weight, controlling blood sugar levels, improving mental focus, to strengthen overall immune system, it has been a part of plan for most people. However, it is not necessary that keto will work for you exactly the way it did for somebody else.

It is important that you look for symptoms and indications your body is tying to give. This will ensure that you are putting in effort and following the right plan. See what works for you by trying out different plans.

Khadija Ahmad

An author at Ask Health News, Khadija has good experience in Health And Physical Education and delivers her research work to entertain readers. Her words reflect creativity and intellect as she succeeds in shaping them into interesting articles for readers. Email: khadija@askhealthnews.com

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