14 Illustrated Yoga Poses and their Benefits for Improving Fertility


Infertility can be heartbreaking for both men and women as it takes a lot of courage to cope up with the resulting depression and finding out ways to fjght against it.

One of the most effective known solutions for infertility is yoga as it will enhance your overall immunity and strengthen yourself in every way.

What Causes Infertility?

One of the basic causes of infertility is stress which affects both men and women and their reproductive systems. Stress has a bad impact on overall health and does not let your hormones function normally.

Emotional stress hinders the ability of a woman to get pregnant and she needs to work really hard to overcome the condition.

Fertility Yoga

Yoga is an ancient workout to combat several health problems and bring peace of mind. It also helps you learn breathing techniques that can be useful in relieving stress. All this can increase your fertility and chances of conceiving successfully.

Yoga has also been helpful to detoxify the body and relax the tight muscles. It regulates blood circulation to unblock the passages and allow good flow to the reproductive organs. Yoga helps to boost your overall immunity which keeps diseases at bay.

Yoga makes more oxygen reach the reproductive organs with blood flow which results in good fertility. Yoga improves the results of hormonal treatment whether you are trying medication or assisted reproductive techniques.

So, what type of yoga will actually benefit you and increase your conceiving chances? Here are some useful yoga poses that are meant for improving fertility.

14 Beneficial Yoga Poses for Fertility

The way of doing yoga determines your chances of improving health. It is the way you do it with the right mindset to achieve all the benefits. Yoga is a combination of slow and flowy movements which go in rhythm to improve focus and concentration.

Seated Forward Bend

This position stretches the lower body part muscles such as hips, back, and hamstring. It is good for relieving stress and relaxing your body for improved fertility. In this position, you sit down with your legs stretched and your hands touching your feet with your torso bowing down as much as possible.

Yoga paschimottanasana full forward bending pose 

Standing Forward Bend

The important muscles of the body are stretched when you stand and bow down to touch your feet. The position regulates blood flow and supplies blood to the pelvic region to stimulate the abdominal organs. Also, the pose adds to your flexibility and good spinal strength.

One-legged Forward Bend

You sit with one of your legs stretched out and you bend down in that direction. This releases all tension in the lower back and is very useful during pregnancy.

Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose is known to improve the pelvic region particularly to make it flexible and allow blood flow towards it. The parts involved are inner thighs, hips, knees, and pelvic floor. This pose is all about flapping your thighs to stimulate blood flow to the organs. Also, it can help smoothen the delivery of your baby if you practice regularly.


Legs up the Wall Pose

This position is good for relieving tiredness as it stretches the back of neck, legs, and torso. Being in this pose after sex can further increase your fertility and improve chances of conception even if you have a considerably higher fertility rate.

Child’s Pose

This pose will allow stretching of the pelvic region as your hips, thighs, and ankles are strengthened.

Rhythmic Rapid Breathing

Yoga is a combination of breathing, stretching, and balancing techniques which are helpful in several ways for overall health. The rhythmic rapid breathing helps in purifying blood which ultimately enhances reproductive function. The hormone levels are balanced which has a good impact on the whole body as a cleanser.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This technique is helpful for calming the mind and body. This eventually gives a fresh perspective for the mind to approach fertility and conception techniques.

Bee Breath

The bee breathing technique helps to relieve anger, stress, and anxiety which are all the enemies of fertility. A relaxed mind and body increase your fertility chances and that is where yoga comes for help.

You place your index fingers in the ears and breath through your nose to exhale making a humming sound. The concept of humming is to activate the master gland known as pituitary gland to regulate hormones in the body.

Supported Head Stand

Although this is the most challenged pose of yoga, it has several benefits. The position requires you to invert your body on the floor to balance only on your head. The brain is stimulated in this way to release hormones and ease pressure on the heart. It is better to have a support when you practice to avoid injury.

Supported Shoulder Stand

Balancing the body on shoulders is good for your thyroid hormones which have a vital role in fertility. Try and relax your tongue and throat while you are in this pose.

Bridge Pose

This position requires balance as you lift your pelvic region. This pose directs blood flow towards the uterus and ovaries. Staying in the pose for at least 30 seconds will show good results.

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is good for your back muscles as it will also stimulate the uterus to produce hormones. You will need to lie on your stomach and lift your upper body to make an arch. Press your hands on the floor and hold for a few seconds as you breathe.

Yogic Sleep

Yogic sleep uplifts your state of mind by attaining equilibrium with the body. It is a powerful pose in which you are consciously asleep to have good effects on mental health. This pose is meditative and will ease your stress although it may not have direct effect on improving fertility.

Tips for doing Fertility Yoga Poses

Practicing yoga is all about patience to achieve balance between mind and body. It is more than simply exercise as it meditates your mind and relaxes all your muscles.

Hormonal function improves as a result of healthy body and mind. Meditation has also been linked with eliminating negative thoughts from the mind diverting all energy into positivity. Learn more about Yoga health benefits and find out why you should give it a try.

Yoga can take some time to align your body and mind together but it will surely have a positive impact on improving fertility. It is going to awaken your sexual energy and boost your libido when you are on the journey of trying to conceive. Knowing all these benefits will surely put energy in you to try the most effective yoga poses.

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