Cbd is Found Effective for Curbing Heroin Addiction – New Study Reveals

Cannabidiol or CBD is the non psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant which has now been proved helpful for reducing cravings of heroin addicts.

A new study reveals that CBD can overcome anxiety and drug use driven by intense craving. CBD curbs heroin addiction which is the latest addition in the list of benefits.

Although there are medicines to dampen the cravings for opioids, they are not widely used. The opioids have caused hundreds of thousands deaths in the United States since the year 2000. The power of such drugs risks relapse and overdose so as to cause addiction.

Not many of the people suffering from opioid disorder receive treatment which has increased issues worldwide. The two drugs for treating opioids are methadone and buprenorphine which are both classified as opioids.

Also, the obstacles faced in getting hold of the drugs and making additional visits to the practitioner becomes a struggle according to health experts. However, this does not eliminate the need of such medicines for treating opioid related diseases.

Study – Effects of CBD on Heroin Users

A study was carried out to evaluate the effect of CBD on heroin users after stopping heroin for the entire trial period. The study included 42 participants who have had used heroin for 13 years on average in the past.

Three groups were made dividing the participants according to the doses given to them. The first group received 800 mg of CBD, the second one received 400 mg of CBD, and the third one only received placebo.

The practice was carried out once daily for 3 days after which the results were studied over the period of 2 weeks. Sessions took place during the two week period in which participants were shown drug images and even packets resembling heroin.

What were the Results?

The participants who received CBD rated their anxiety and cravings levels to reduce by two to three fold. Both the CBD groups had more or less the same results whereas the placebo group did not significant reduction in cravings. This proved that CBD curbs heroin addiction and is of great help for the drug addicts.

Why was Epiodiolex used for the Study?

The source of CBD used by the researchers for the study was Epidiolex. Epidiolex is the drug approved by the federal drug administration for which the concentration and ingredients are well known. Other sources of CBD could have contained pesticides and lead which is not good for health.

Side Effects of CBD Reported by Study Participants

There were only a few mild side effects faced by the participants such as headache, diarrhea, and fatigue. The effects of CBD significantly reduced overall anxiety and cravings for opioid participants and that is what was focused upon.

Conclusion – Is CBD Effective for Curbing Heroin Cravings?

The study showed improvements in opioid users and their cravings for the drug. Hence, more efforts have to be made to help people fight their opioid addiction and related symptoms.

CBD was observed as a relief for opioid participants by relieving pain and inflammation. However, another study is still to be carried out to determine how CBD curbs heroin addiction through the  best dose administered. All this will be done in accordance with the brain mechanism to see how cravings can be diminished.

Overall, it was concluded that CBD is not addictive in nature and it can significantly curb cravings for heroin and other drugs. It will not get you high and is the best option available to save lives of drug addicts.

Khadija Ahmad

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